Cancer and virgo soulmates

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Posted by gerryshown00 from the Careers category at 02 Oct 2022 07:19:46 pm.
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Can a gentle Cancer, ruled by the Moon and driven by emotions, pair up with the cool and collected Virgo, influenced by Mercury and motivated by logic? Should a water sign and an earth sign even try dating each other? While they’re definitely different in certain ways, they can bring a lot of value to each other’s lives. Read on to learn more about a Cancer and Virgo’s unique bond and how well they work together.

Can a Cancer-Virgo relationship work out?
Definitely—this pairing enjoys tons of passion.A Cancer is deeply attuned to their intuition—the Crab and fourth sign of the zodiac adores following their heart and emotions. Once they let a lover get past their hard shell, all they want to do is get really vulnerable. Virgo, the coldly logical Virgin and grounded earth sign, looks over all the data and keeps feelings at bay. Despite their unique approaches, both a Cancer and a Virgo are selfless at their core. A Cancer will notice that a Virgo is guarded and teach them how to let down their walls, and a Virgo will provide Cancer the affection and reassurance they crave.
Outside of physical intimacy, a Virgo and a Cancer will face challenges in their communication. Since they process the world differently, they can’t naturally intuit what the other partner is thinking.
To truly come together, a Cancer and a Virgo will need to show patience and listen deeply to each other.
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