It's time to face your peers as well as your foes in "NBA 2K23."

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Every year millions of basketball enthusiasts are waiting for the next version of NBA 2K. From slight upgrades to the MyTeam mode, to a complete new storyline for your MyPlayer There are endless hours of basketball entertainment to be enjoyed in each new release.However there's nothing that causes debate more than the weeks that lead up to the release day in which 2K begin to feed us daily with their latest player rankings.

The majority of times, we'll see certain players placed in the mid- to high 90's, cementing their status among the top league players, and , from there, we will see a flow of skills throughout each roster.Of course, not every player is happy with their rating of 2K some use Twitter to voice their displeasure or surprise. However most of the time the majority of it is good fun.

The biggest shock came with Grant Williams, who finds himself among the least-rated players of Boston's normal rotation, after having an outstanding breakout season in which the player proved to be among the top young wings to be found in the NBA. So, for Williams to be rated just 1 point higher than Payton Pritchard, an offensive guard who struggled to get regular playing time is a bit of an underreporting.

It's fair to say that the practice of putting players in lower positions than their actual skills is nothing short of marketing mastery, as players usually take to social media to vent their grievances or make fun of each others, which is basically unpaid marketing to get 2K. And for those of you who are passionate 2K supporters you'll be aware that ratings do not stay at the current level for longbecause the game is constantly updating to reflect the players' actual skills throughout the course of the season.

It's time to face your peers as well as your foes in "NBA 2K23." the latest installment in the NBA 2K franchise.But if you're likely to be looking to win games, it's prudent to pick teams with the best players to make you a success.So who NBA or WNBA superstars and NBA rookies are the highest-rated player in the league? Let's see:

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