The Kyler Murray 'study clause' is a distraction of the Cardinals

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Steinforth added that the event will possibly go down as the most popular in terms ticket sales that Germany has seen within the last few decades.Of course, the hype caused some fairly long wait times for fans who began to post their own spots in the waiting lists on social media following the sale started earlier in the week. One of those posts seems to confirm Steinforth's assertion that literally hundreds of thousands of people were interested in the sport.

"Unfortunately we were unable to make any changes to the lengthy, virtual queues. This is more of a sign how many people were looking towards it," Steinforth said about the few but unfulfilled requests.While the majority of fans won't be present at the Buccaneers-Seahawks game, they'll be given more chances to attend in the next years. The league is planning to play a regularly scheduled game for the city of Frankfurt in 2023. In the future, there are plans to make international matches in Germany an annual occurrence.

The likelihood that these games will garner similar excitement remains be watched. For now, however it seems that Madden NFL 23 may be quite happy about the early applause it's received- something that probably cannot be said about the roughly 2925.000 people who could not afford to purchase tickets.

The Kyler Murray 'study clause' is a distraction of the Cardinals that are

The week before, Kyler Murray became one of the Madden NFL's top paid quarterbacks after signing an agreement for five years, worth $230 million. contract. It was a vote of confidence and a statement of faith, proof positive that the Cardinals believed their guy would lead their team into their future. In the days since the whole thing is goneit was replaced by a worrying, and frankly insulting warning to the contract.

"Independent Study Adendum," also known as the "Independent Research Addendum" came from Ian Rapoport of the Madden NFL 23 Network and it appears to say that the quarterback has to perform his homework during the entire season, or else the team is entitled to make the contract default, which Murray will have to correct or the deal would become invalid.

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