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The decisiveness of those born on the 16th of April is uncanny and there is something in their stubbornness that is charming and truly productive. This is an Aries with love and color incorporated in every pore of their existence, and this will give them the gift of expression and creativity through the most beautiful things.

April 16th Horoscope
SUN – VENUS – (Pluto) – SATURN
The combination of Sun and Venus always speaks of passionate creativity and emotions that are acted upon. This is almost like a signal from heavens that is to mark one's Soul with incredible things, but we can never guess just how much of it they will be able to use. Although there could be a lot of issues related to feelings of guilt and incompetence, usually obtained in early childhood, time teaches them to live their life to the fullest, and relax in activities that define them and make them who they are. For their health, it is imperative that they have enough time for joyful, hedonistic, and pleasurable activities that give them a chance to move, stay flexible, and surround themselves with people who love them.

The step that needs to be made after they are met with their childish joy and creativity is the step of setting free and opening their mind for the upper realm and the field of ideas. This enlightening route will lead them straight into their heart where they need to find forgiveness and innocence they might have left behind being too impatient for their own emotional needs.

Love And Emotions
This is a highly emotional time in April when one love story ends only so that another one may begin. Partnerships and romance define the authentic personality of the individual born on this date, and we will see that their love life needs to be fulfilled and rich or they might feel lost and uninspired for work, uninterested in health issues, or any area of life that seemingly has nothing to do with romance. Love drives them and every partner they choose poses for a muse of sorts. Growth comes naturally through their bonds as they learn what is needed to balance out two sides of one same coin.

They are in need of conquering, and want a partner that isn't instantly available and gives them something to fight for. Their true love stories usually contain a damsel in distress, no matter the gender or the true backstory that they might even refuse to see. Their heroic goals lead them into many relationships with substance, but only those that are tender enough have a chance to stand against the test of time.

A person born on April 16th dances with Venus and the Sun in daily activities, desires, and strivings, but this isn't what their mission on Earth is really about. They are here to connect on a deeply emotional plane, to show compassion, love, and support to those in need. A lot more tenderness needs to come from their existence than it might seem to be logical. As soon as they find forgiveness in their heart for family members who hurt them and partners who unveiled them only to leave them bruised, they will learn that the Divine Love is all they need as true inspiration and guidance.

What They Excel In
A person born on April 16th excels in different forms of artistic expression and interpersonal problems that need to be resolved. They are the only connecting point between people that has the energy of the Sun in Aries and this makes them special and typically burdened with great responsibility and out of balance. Their gifts need to be sorted out, absorbed, and cherished, and so do their feelings and sensitivities. Once they embrace their own heart, they become wonderful healers, listeners, therapists, and counselors.

April 16th Birthday Gift
A birthday gift for a person born on April 16th can be a piece of art to dazzle them, something modern but founded in knowledge, and something to truly admire. They want their gifts big, made by "big" people, and this doesn't mean they want something that is simply expensive. It is truly important to choose the right album to touch their heart, or a picture painted by someone with a vision. A gift for their home can also be suitable, but only if it sparks the creative efforts they wish to put in it themselves, or if it has something to do with sweets, bright colors or romantic lighting.

Positive Traits For April 16th Born
Loving, warm, talented, and beautiful inside and out, they want their world to be the magical place of love, freedom and positive emotion. They are creative, artistic, and make excellent dancers, singers, and entertainers when given a chance to shine.

Negative Traits For April 16th Born
They are in love with themselves, narcissistic, obsessed with their own creation and unable to realize where two sides to the problem lie. Also, they could find it hard to settle down in search for the muse to fall in love with every day.

Healing Crystal
Red aventurine is an excellent stone for individuals born on the 16th of April. It is a stone to aid manifestation through action and boosting creativity in the real world, while at the same time helping a person overcome ego issues that weigh them down and choose the best path to follow by connecting to the Universal thought. This is a crystal of vitality and renewal that resonates very well with the energy of Aries, at the same time connecting one with Venus and its gifts of love and beauty.

Sabian Symbol
The Sabian symbol for Aries representatives born on April 16th born in any year that isn't a leap year:

"A Man Possessed of More Gifts than He Can Hold"
The Sabian symbol for Aries representatives born on April 16th of a leap year:

"Through Imagination a Lost Opportunity is Regained"
This is a date filled with hope for the future where chances lost get their redo and blessings take over. We cannot presume that it is a flowery road filled with simple positivity, but it is a true calling for life and colors in it that shower these individuals. It is a time to visualize things that will come alive and to dream big in order to create the incredible.

Famous Birthdays On 16th Of April
In 1867 Wilbur Wright was born, an American inventor known as one of the Wright brothers who are credited with building and flying the world's first successful airplane. His purpose shone well in his relationship with his brother, for neither of them took individual credit for the work they have done together.
In 1889 Charlie Chaplin was born, an English comic actor and composer, who became incredibly famous in the era of silent film. His creativity made him an icon of silent film, and motivation was found in difficult family circumstances giving him all the gifts he needed to prosper.
In 1954 Ellen Barkin was born, an American actress that made her break-out role in the film Diner. Her battle for love led her in two failed marriages, the second of which left her with millions of dollars.
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