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Posted by Shaftesburyw from the Business category at 23 Sep 2022 03:22:23 am.
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The Kyler Murray "study clause" is a distraction of the Cardinals' making

This week Kyler Murray was named one of the Madden 23 coins highest paid quarterbacks when he inked the five-year, $230 million contract worth $230 million. It was a gesture of confidence, a show of faith and confidence, a clear proof in the sense that the Cardinals believed that Kyler Murray was going to be their quarterback into the future. In the days since, that's all gone -- replaced in the conversation by a sour and frankly insulting condition to the deal.

"Independent Study Addendum." The "Independent Research Addendum" has been obtained through Ian Rapoport of the Madden NFL 23 Network and it appears to say that the quarterback has to do his homework during this season or the team has the right to make the contract default status which Murray will have to correct or the deal would become null and void.

"Player must complete at a minimum the equivalent of four (4) hours of Independent Studies (as determined below) every week (excluding any bye week) during each Playing Season (as defined below) for the duration of the Contact."

The article explains what this means, and add that Murray cannot multitask when he's studying for his class. No gaming, no TV, no web browsing during these four hours. If that sounds strange, it's because it is. This kind of study clause has never been a part of a Madden NFL 23 contract previously, and on the surface it might not seem like a huge deal as we're already witnessing the consequences of this decision.

The primary issue with the addendum isn't mandating independent study as the mandate reveals. The specificity of the clause would lead anyone to the one conclusive conclusion that: "Kyler Murray doesn't study so we're making him to." This isn't in accordance with what the Cardinals needed to do with the agreement. It was to inspire faith, put their trust in Murray and proceed.

Murray's relationship with fans was in need of to be repaired. The fans were hurt, driven by the rumours of possible trades as well as a desire to leave Arizona. Additionally, there was anger over his refusal to get back on the field after an unbeatable playoff performance with the Rams. When there was need to be an even solid trust building both sides but the Cardinals put this clause in and cheap mut coins the whole thing.
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