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When it is snapped the defense overburdens on the left side. As players on the Offensive Line tries to react and stop the ball from getting over on time. Browns quarterback Derek Anderson nearly gets his head cut off (and is wishing Brady Quinn was in on this play).

To stop the overloading of defensive We'll use this technique called Slide Protection. To activate this feature, press the left rigger and then move to the right side of the analog stick. The Offensive Line blocking angles are now towards the right. Additionally to that, the WR who is Cleveland's Joshua Cribbs, has a blocking angle that is to the right. When you request sliding protection it will make all blocking players slide. The WR is now working with of the Offensive Line to create a pocket.

In our scenario In our scenario, the Ravens defense line up once more in an overloaded set. We were anticipating the pressure coming on the left side which is why we've requested protection from the slide towards the left. After the ball has been snapped and the ball is snapped, it is then the Offensive Line moves to the right side to catch defensive players. The line does an excellent job at absorbing the pressure and giving Derek Anderson the time needed to take a look at the on the field to make huge gains.

Have you ever thought of using a script to inform your receiver to alter his direction during the game? You now have the ability to do so. With the playmaker feature, you are able to ask a receiver to change directions as the play is in progress. It's not always as straightforward as it seems: you cannot playmaker a single receiver at the same time and, since you could have five receivers simultaneously this can get difficult to understand. Most of the time, you'll playmaker the nearest receiver. Use the correct analog stick to direct the receiver closest to you.

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