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Posted by passyourcert from the Education category at 19 Sep 2022 10:33:22 am.
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What does obtaining the OSCP certification mean for your professional profile is one of the most frequently asked questions in the field of cybersecurity, particularly in the practice of penetration testing by specialized agents, so in today's article we come to clear up all your doubts about this topic and, more importantly, the qualitative leap that an organization achieves by having professionals with this certificate.

What is OSCP Certification?

One of the most important credentials in the world of cybersecurity and ethical hacking offered by Offensive Security is the Offensive Security Professional Certification (OSCP). With the help of particular tools in this field, such as the BackTrack penetration exam and the Kali Linux distribution technique, experts who have completed various exams and penetration examination methodology are recognized for their talents in this title.

What do these tests consist of?

The exams that the applicants must complete demand that they effectively assault and breach several devices in a "safe" setting in the course of a 24-hour laboratory assessment that will gauge their comprehension of the topic.

Five test machines make up the Penetration Testing with Kali Linux (PWK-PEN-200) course, which aims to educate the applicant not only practically but also mentally for the role of a specialist penetration testing expert.

What should the candidate's profile be like?

First and foremost, we must note that this is a certification with a high level of difficulty, requiring candidates to have extensive experience working with Linux and Windows operating systems in addition to knowing their security guidelines, as well as some knowledge of handling and processing databases like "exploit.db," knowledge of compiling binaries for Linux, and of course, have training in the main areas covered by the certification.

However, the preparatory course offers laboratories with more than 50 PCs where students may practice attacks on infrastructures, websites, pivoting, etc. The laboratories allow students to work on all the aforementioned topics in a realistic fashion.

How can you obtain the OSCP certification?

The preparation for the OSCP Certification can be accomplished through a self-paced course that covers several common attack vectors that are frequently used during penetration testing and audits using the PWK (Pentesting With Kali) distribution method mentioned above once we are aware of the technical characteristics that define the candidate's profile.

Both online and in-person training options are available. Both options will include a library of audiovisual materials and practical lab exercises that reflect real-world circumstances.

These laboratories, which often represent a business network, are made up of several devices that the learner must attempt to compromise by using various tactics to exploit them, frequently highlighting the link between the data between them.

Benefits of OSCP certification

These are some of the immediate advantages you may obtain. Of course, having individuals in your firm who possess this qualification adds value to your corporate know-how and provides extra cybersecurity assurances.

  • International acceptance of security issues

  • Knowledge of vulnerability exploitation and pen-testing techniques.

  • Knowledge about weaknesses in various systems and protocols.

  • Increasing the scope of your services

  • Continuity in business

We can assist you in training

We at PassYourCert have OSCP security certification. To assist you to protect the continuity of your organization against any security breach or cyberattack, we have a team of professionals with the highest recognitions and certifications in cybersecurity who can provide you with specialized training.

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