Both have Jaguars to be grateful for

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One reason is that WR delighted with Mel's draft has been still in the early stages, leading to an enormous loss of players when the Chiefs pick, something I can't imagine happening. There are a number of good receivers in the NFL this year, but I'm not expecting seven on the market before Kansas City picks.

Additionally, Kiper has the Chiefs signing Skyy Moore for the No. 50 pick. He is not going to last that long, and is likely to be the pick in the first.

In the beginning, it was Davante Adams First it was Davante Adams, then Tyreek Hill. In 2021. they were 2nd and 3rd in the Madden NFL 23 with respect to receptions, respectively. Both were vital for the offense for two Madden NFL 23's best teams. They're gone now- in addition, they're gone. Jacksonville Jaguars played a huge part in the game.

On Wednesday, the Chiefs announced that they are trading Tyreek Hill over to the Dolphins in exchange to five picks. Among them was Miami's first rounder in 2022. This came just a week after the Packers dealt Davante Adams to the Raiders in exchange for a second round of picks. Adams agreed to a five-year $141.5 million contract. Hill got his money too receiving a record-breaking four-year, $120 million contract which makes him the highest-paid Wide receiver of Madden NFL 23 history.

Both have Jaguars to be grateful for.

The biggest headline signing for Jacksonville on the first day of free agency was to lure Christian Kirk to North Florida with a four-year$72 million deal that could bring at least $84M If he can meet performances escalators. It was a king's ransom for a receiver who was a regular third possibility for the Cardinals offense, and who only got significant playing time as a starter in 2021 where he finished with 982 yards. Banking on promise, paired with the requirement to pay a "bad team tax" the Jaguars eliminated the market for wide receivers with the signing of a single contract. Kirk wasn't just 27th in the league in yards per reception this year, he wasn't even considered the best receiver in this group of free agents. So, when he got paid like an elite franchise cornerstone, everything shifted.

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