Comparison Between CEH and OSCP Certification

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It takes more than just the ability to stand out in a sea of cybersecurity recruiting applicants. The finest assurances of an employee's talent come in the form of certifications, and employers desire stronger guarantees.

The uninformed may find it challenging to decide between earning CEH Certification and OSCP Certification. Here are some key details on which certifications can give you an edge over your professional competitors.

Describe OSCP Certification
The common penetration-testing techniques are the main emphasis of this ethical hacking certification. It is noted for having a demanding 24-hour test.

OSCP Prerequisites
Penetration Testing with Kali Linux is a required training course that is supplemented by this certification. You should be able to create penetration testing scripts and tools, get over firewalls using tunneling methods, find and use web application vulnerabilities like XSS and SQL injection, and launch client-side and remote assaults. Many of these subjects will be addressed in the course, but most participants think that it's imperative to arrive having substantial knowledge of Linux and TCP/IP.

Exam specifications
This accreditation is practical. In other words, you can't get it without succeeding in a difficult practical test.

You'll be given access to an unknown network for the exam, and you'll have 24 hours to demonstrate that you've finished a set of penetration tests, effectively breached systems, and properly documented your progress. Within three days of the test, the majority of students get their results.

In What Ways Vary the Certifications?
Attacking Security Holders of the Certified Professional designation do not require recertification, however, individuals who pass the training and exam to become a Certified Ethical Hacker must do so every three years. Even though maintaining your expertise can seem like a hassle, it might eventually make you look more employable. It's also vital to remember that certification and training for Certified Ethical Hackers are often cheaper.

Career Prospects
The U.S. government recognizes the Certified Ethical Hacker certificate, and according to DoD 8750 Baseline Certifications, some Department of Defense employees need it. Having the difficult certification of Offensive Security Certified Professional may not help you get a job with the government.

Salary and Employment Markets
You can work as a penetration tester, security engineer, information security analyst, or security consultant with the aid of one of these qualifications. These jobs paid a broad variety of wages.

Will obtaining one certification increase your income throughout your career? PayScale estimates that Certified Ethical Hackers made an average salary of about $76,855 in late 2016. Many also benefited from sizable bonuses, profit-sharing opportunities, and career advancement. Although the earnings of OSCP holders varied more considerably than those of other job titles, they did make slightly more money overall.

Making a Certification Decision
These days' employers place great importance on both of these qualifications. Many professionals possess both qualifications, or they combine them with other credentials like the CISSP and CompTIA's Security+.

Of course, having a robust résumé and genuine work experience is indispensable. However, if you're new to penetration testing, completing your Certified Ethical Hacker program will surely help you stay afloat during interviews.

Describe CEH
The goal of Certified Ethical Hacker certificates is to let candidates to show that they are adept at spotting flaws and vulnerabilities in networks and systems. These vendor-neutral certificates cover a range of penetration testing-related subjects.

After completing formal training and proving that you have at least three of the five CCISO eligibility requirements in practice, you are eligible to take the CEH test. This equates to having at least two years of work experience for the majority of people. As an alternative, you can demonstrate that you have five years of expertise in information security across all five CCISO domains. In both situations, it may take up to six weeks to request such documentation from the EC-Council.

You must give your completion certificates to the EC-Council if you finished your courses online. Your training expenses, which may vary, are included in the price of your CEH exam. However, the application fee is typically a nonrefundable $100.

Three months will pass after your application is accepted before you may purchase a test voucher. The examination itself the CEH exam costs about $500.

Exam specifications

A four-hour multiple-choice test with 125 questions will make up your exam. A score of at least 70% is required to pass.

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