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Posted by anqilan456 from the Agriculture category at 17 Sep 2022 12:35:07 am.
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On the same thought process an overall score of 97 is definitely one of the highest scores that a player can receive. Actually, it's higher than any active player has been able to achieve in NBA 2K23 since the highest rating among the current players is LeBron James, Kevin Durant, Giannis Antetokounmpo, as well as Steph Curry, all tied with 96.

It's not all that bad, Dwyane Wade's 97 feels to be a bit low, given who he is. Wade is widely considered one of the three best shooting guards in the history of basketball following Michael Jordan and Kobe Bryant. With them having a 99 and 98 , respective, Wade at 97 seems to be a decent score. However, it does tie him with fellow athletes like Walt Frazier and Steve Nash even though they're great, aren't as great as Wade.

With regards to talent and capabilities, Kristaps Porzingis is a real "unicorn" because his body as well as his court presence are very rare. He is 7'3" however he can shoot like a guard and handle the ball, while blocking the majority of shots. The issue is that it's not worked out well for his career in Dallas lately.

Rumors circulated that Porzingis was unhappy with Luka Don?i? playing the ball well, but this is what Dallas requires to be successful. When Luka was having a phenomenal Playoffs series against the Clippers, Porzingis basically disappeared. His numbers fell across the board, including his dropping from 20.1ppg in the first half to 13.1 and from 8.9rpg from 8.9rpg to 5.4
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