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As the month of July begins, it brings a new energy of change, one with the greatest impact in our entire calendar. The freedom those born on July 1st fight for tends to take over, make them angry and ready to break loose from the river of ancestors they were born into. They are innovators that follow their heart and need support to shine with true strength, detached enough, and with boundaries clearly set.

July 1st Horoscope
(Pluto) – SUN – (Pluto) – URANUS
On July 1st, the Sun and Uranus combine in a row, emphasizing the need of each individual born on this date to find their inner truth and express it. The liberation they seek often makes them strange, a bit eccentric, or stressed out. In order to give the best their personality has to offer, they often have to break loose from their primal family, create peace in their own home, and fight for alone time that will allow them to build the foundation for their thoughts to land. Ready to jump in, take risks, and be different from everyone else, their sensitivity needs to be nurtured and cherished or they might break along the way. When they allow themselves to be exactly who they are, their heart finds peace it needed all along.

Love And Emotions
Born in the Sun sign of Cancer, they have an uneasy task to discover who they are under all the emotional baggage left by their ancestors. Their family might not be that supportive of their true sensitive nature, and this makes them edgy and stressed, bringing out their real personality to the surface in a rebellious way. This influences their choice of partners and makes them strive for freedom, even when they aren’t fully aware of this craving in their heart.

Their relationships will often be strange, changeable, and pushing them over their limits. Conflicts are of great importance for their growth and could make them cut off from the most serious of their bonds if they turn out not to serve a purpose anymore. If they begin a serious relationship while still living in their primal home, their world could greatly change afterwards, and if they aren’t getting enough freedom along the way to evolve in their own pace, they could end up getting separated or divorced. The imperative to each romantic bond that lasts in their life is personal freedom, most of all, despite of their sensitive need to have a quiet family life.

Striving for all matters of Mars resolved, people born on July 1st sometimes get aggressive and difficult when pushing for their ideals. They are to understand the quality and the safe side of conflict, learning how to use it constructively to move ahead. Grounding is their mission in life and they are to learn how to incorporate their true being in the world around them, the society, and all practical matters their life consists of. Action is the imperative and this makes them extremely innovative but often uncertain if they should make the first step. When they show initiative and take matters in their own hands, they become leaders with no obstacle in their path that is impossible to overcome.

What They Excel In
Excellent sportsmen and innovators, they shine in all areas of physical work, professions with a lot of movement and freedom to learn, travel, and grow. They need excitement and the sense of constant risk to keep them going, and unlike most Cancer representatives, they won’t settle for less than what they know their potential is. Getting lulled in an unsatisfying workplace is not an option in their life and if they are pushed and pressured into such choices, they will either break free or simply break apart. Wonderful friends and dedicated colleagues, they will excel in all relationships that give them enough room to be exactly who they are in each role they take and every phase of their life.

July 1st Birthday Gift
It might seem difficult to choose a gift for a Cancer representative born on the 1st of July, but in fact, their ability to feel gratitude is vast. They will find symbolism even in the smallest of gifts and treasure them if they are given with love. Put your positive intentions in your choice, buy a colorful trinket that shows that you see their different, sparkly nature. They want a surprise, something unique, creative, to remind them of the person they got it from. If you get something for their home, make it a meaningful memory with an important message, rather than something practical and used daily.

Positive Traits For July 1st Born
Innovative, emotionally aware, and ready to change and jump into risk, they are the ones to chase after the individualistic approach others might envy or admire. On the chase for personal growth and evolution, they are to discover just how much they can do when they express their true personality fully.

Negative Traits For July 1st Born
Stressed and standing out from the crowd, they could feel like they don’t belong in their own social circles, closing their heart for open interactions if they get hurt too many times.

Healing Crystal
Stellerite is an excellent choice of crystal for Cancer representatives born on July 1st. It is a stone that aids change while giving emotional stability as one goes through it. Relieving them of stress, it will help these individuals calm intense reactivity and keep them stable in times of disturbing changes in the outer world. Its effect manifests through clearer expectations and sets them free from any fear of the future that might come after they make a step towards the change they desire.

Sabian Symbol
The Sabian symbol for Cancer representatives born on July 1st in one of the two years that precede a leap year:

"A Small Naked Girl Bends over a Pond Trying to Catch a Fish"
The Sabian symbol for Cancer representatives born on July 1st of a leap year and a year following it:

"A Large Diamond in the First Stages of the Cutting Process"
As if to mark the beginning of something that will turn into its adult, grown, fully carved future self, these symbols both carry the message of little experience and all things that have yet to be done. This date will bring a lot of work and situations that could put one to shame, or make them feel uncomfortable, pointing out the importance of well-developed awareness of their own sexuality. Unable to control and give shape to things they show, they could seem clumsy, in some ways blatant, or poorly adapted. Still, both symbols show great potential for material wellbeing and a rich Soul that is to be caught, carved, or shaped into something the world can see.
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