May 1 zodiac

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The new beginning hidden in the 1st of May is one of those spring beginnings that freshens the surroundings, and everything in one's life. It is the position of clean, guiding energy of light, and something that gives power to each person found to be their friend. This is a date of good news, positive turns, and choices that are productive, well-thought out, and making others happy.

May 1st Horoscope
(Pluto) – SUN – (Pluto) – MERCURY
Sun and Mercury combined speak of our natural need to express our truth and our genuine personality. No dishonesty will be of use here, and people born on May 1st have a task to truly shine with their core worn on their sleeve. To do this successfully, they must build healthy boundaries, be surrounded by other people only when they truly wish to, and make enough spare time to commit to recharging their batteries in the pace that suits their heart. They will inevitably be the center of attention, whether they like it or now, and this will push them into choices that show growth others can admire. Although they will be an inspiration to many, great responsibility of this role could wear them down if they don’t have enough rest.

Love And Emotions
Although they are quite rational at first glance, their primal emotional need always includes another person to share their accomplishments with. They could choose their partner based on reason, only to discover strong emotions they have for them in the long run, but also miss too many choices looking for someone to fit their rational demands. There is a deep need to be loved burning below any manifestation of their personality, and one needs to sense it and feed this inner hunger to truly make them happy.

The main risk they face in connecting with another person is their rational self taking over, when too many disappointments are met during the course of their lifetime. They should never settle for less than what their heart seeks, and at the same time need to stand face to face with potentially irrational desires that distance them from the real world. When they start a family, they learn that emotional connecting is much more than what the movies taught them, and this powerful earthly connection that instantly links them to the Sabian symbol for their birth date, usually keeps them connected to one partner for life.

When we observe the Sabian symbol that stands for the 1st of May and combine it with the planetary row it is presented with, it becomes quite obvious that their main task in life is to find a fine balance between their own inner needs. They need to incorporate professional success into family life, and vice versa, being perfectly capable to live out both. It is important for them not to neglect any part of their diverse nature, for it will only lead them to dissatisfaction and lack of color and joy in their daily routine.

What They Excel In
Such a diverse and yet stable personality has the ability to understand many sides to one story, and see people for what they truly are. They will enjoy work that allows them to manifest their creative nature, such as advertising, marketing, and design, and will excel in all forms of oratory and written work too. They are wonderful parents that respect their children, with the ability to clearly see the differences between several characters at once and merge them into one functioning whole. This allows them to have a big family that stays at peace, with all siblings taking care of one another and respecting each other's personal space and personal boundaries.

May 1st Birthday Gift
A birthday gift for a person born on May 1st is easy to choose, for they have the ability to enjoy it in almost any form you can think of. They will love something connecting them to planet Earth, as a gem pendant, a birth stone, or a plant to care for, as much as it is advisable to choose something practical but funny, to lift their spirits and serve a purpose. If you wish to surprise them with something strange, choose a gadget they can touch, read from, but made out of natural materials and in sync with their state of ecological awareness.

Positive Traits For May 1st Born
Practical, productive, and grounded, they are the pillar for other people and a beacon of hope for those in need. Excellent parents, respectful, caring, and stable, these individuals are here to share love with those that come into their life.

Negative Traits For May 1st Born
Stubborn, sometimes stuck and settling for less, they tend to make rational choices even when their heart doesn’t agree. Their need to help attracts individuals who take advantage of their personality and feed on their emotional pool without giving much in return.

Healing Crystal
To create a stable balance in their life and stay grounded while doing so, moss agate is a perfect stone for those born on May 1st. It is a crystal that brings out the feminine only to connect it with the masculine, and has an enduring energy that will fill one's Soul with love. It also attracts spirits of Nature through bravery created in a person's heart, and aids one build a bond between their motivating, emotional, and their creative, rational sides of personality.
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