What You Need To Do After Completing Path of Exile Act 10

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Since Path of Exile was released in October 2013, after so many years of development, the game content has become very rich, and it can still be mastered by old players, but for newbies, it is difficult to get started. higher and higher. After completing the initial beginner tutorial, players need some storyline missions up to Act 10. But after that many people don't know what to do next. If they can POE Items Buy at that time, then the next journey will be much smoother.

Steps we should follow after completing Act 10
Finish the Epilogue
After you complete the final Act called Kitava in Path of Exile Act 10, the first thing you do is wrap up the Epilogue. After that, you can head to Oriath and Karui Shores to officially begin your endgame journey in Path of Exile.

Picking Up the Pieces Quest
Picking up Pieces in Epilogue is not only one of the most important tasks later in the process, but also a great time for you to collect Exalted Orb.
The correct steps are:
1. You should go to the Templar Laboratory in the upper part of the Oriath town area. There, you need to investigate what happened between the Templar Laboratory, Baran and Zana.
2. After completing the investigation you will also need to consult Kirac about the explosion details at the Templar Laboratory.
3. Next, you need to search Dominus' office to find the Vault Key, where is located in Fallen Courts.
4. The Vault of Venarius is located in the Haunted Reliquary, you have to find it to unlock the vault and get two keys.
5. The key to rebuilding the Map Device is that you have to look carefully at the components in the Vault.
6. After talking to Helena you can go to your Hideout and get Chirac to rebuild the map device.

Passive Quests
If you want to know what passive tasks are currently available, you can use the search command "/passives" to query.

Three Maps Info
White (Tier 1-5 Easiest)
Yellow (Tier 6-10 Easy to Mediocre)
Red (Tier 11-16 Hard)
Unique (Depends on the map)

As you can see from the above, the simplest white map is the one that novice players should start playing first. By the time, when you finished first map, you'll know what the Atlas of Worlds looks like. You'll also know what links the maps have and how to get through them in the easiest way possible down the road. The map information you know is directly proportional to the depth of content you can play later.

If you still have no confidence in starting your journey after completing Act 10, you may wish to read a more practical and accurate positioning guide at POECurrency. In addition, in the currently popular 3.19 Expansion, if you also encountered some difficulties, you can also buy Path of Exile Divine Orbs on this site to buy better equipment or props to arm your characters for better gaming experience. Try it out!
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