Helping missiles overcome GPS jamming glitches?

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Posted by jammer from the Technology category at 30 Aug 2022 07:51:23 am.
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  How much cell phone jammer can block is not only related to its own signal strength, but also to the spacing between the communication base stations in the natural environment used. Another key reason is barriers. If it's metal, it's blocked right away; if it's a solid wall made of concrete, it's unlikely to penetrate. 10 times weakening; less weakening if it is sheet or glass material.
  The Air Force is taking new steps to bring promising new technology to the weapons network in flight. In flight, co-targeting allows the weapon to use its advanced viewfinder to identify and pass on tactical details to other weapons so it can maneuver as needed. Recent tests of a small-diameter synergistic bomb that transmits data in flight have shown promising results and room for improvement. The Air Force tested the ability of air-dropped bombs to share purpose-sensitive data with each other in flight to customize attack specifications, locate GPS interceptors, and optimize the speed and accuracy of attack maneuvers.
  The mobile phone jammer tests the high-end of the low-end frequency band of the wireless channel at a certain rate during the operation. This test rate will lead to the intrusion of the audio data signal received by the mobile phone with bit error, resulting in the mobile phone being unable to detect the slave communication. All normal microwave data signal data information released by the base station will inevitably prevent the mobile phone from establishing a connection with the communication base station, so as to achieve the purpose of intercepting the mobile phone signal.
  It is easy to understand that the frequency band released by the mobile phone signal jammer invades the frequency band of the mobile phone receiving communication base station. After all, jammers and communication base stations are in competition. If the signal strength of the mobile phone signal jammer is lower than the natural environment, the output power of the wireless channel transmitted by the Chinese communication base station to the mobile phone will not be intercepted by the signal jammer. Only when the output power of the signal jammer exceeds the transmission power of the communication base station to the mobile phone Only when the output power is output, the blocking can be stopped reasonably and effectively. Therefore, when all gps blocker are used in different data signal environments, the interception interval will be different, and the direction of the communication base station and the output power of the communication base station cannot be reversed.
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