Is It Worth doing AWS Solutions Architect – Associate? 

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AWS is distinguished by 175 distinct services, ranging from powerful AI and IoT capabilities to networking and storage. And that only applies at a high level. In their different AWS sectors, when technicians, statisticians, engineers, specialists, and solutions architects advance, they frequently discover an even wider range of options.
Just as crucial as knowing how to utilize AWS is knowing which services and products to employ. The AWS Solutions Architect's job is to do that.
We'll look at how the AWS Solutions Architect - Associate Certification may vouch for your abilities in this post. We'll also talk about the exam's complexity and who among students and professionals could be qualified to take it.
Get to know in this article, Is It Worth doing AWS Solutions Architect – Associate?
What is an Associate AWS Solutions Architect?
AWS offers a certification called the AWS Solutions Architect - Associate to people who can successfully plan and create unique AWS solutions for a company. As the title says, a certified Solutions Architect Associate is familiar enough with AWS to foresee what a business requires from the platform and then outline how to develop the architecture while foreseeing any issues. The focus of the certification is on creating cost-effective, secure, robust, and high-performance designs.
The AWS Solutions Architect - Associate certification is for IT specialists whose duties involve considering the "big picture" of a business and coming up with innovative solutions. Many businesses are unaware of how many of their issues may be resolved by skillfully utilizing AWS capabilities and chances. Certified Solutions Architects identify the needs of their company, consider the tools and resources available through AWS, and build the architecture that will enable those needs to be met.
One test, the SAA-C02 exam, must be passed to get the AWS Solutions Architect - Associate credential.
Why Taking a Certification Worth It?For IT professionals, cloud computing knowledge
is essential.

One of the key arguments in favor of obtaining an AWS certification is the fact that cloud computing will be unavoidable for IT professionals in 2022. As a result of cutting-edge technologies like AI and ML, all sectors are moving into the cloud. According to Forbes, these cutting-edge technologies have a big effect on how popular cloud computing is.
Both today and in the future, IT professionals will need to be conversant with cloud computing, particularly AWS services. You cannot ignore having AWS credentials if you want to get a competitive edge and stand out from the crowd.
AWS expertise is Hard to Find Compared to Demand
Employers all across the world are having difficulty finding personnel with cloud computing expertise. According to recent surveys, skills linked to AWS are included in 60% of job advertisements for roles in the cloud computing industry. These figures highlight the enormous need for AWS expertise, which will only grow over the next years. One of the finest methods to advance your career and land a high-paying job at your dream firm is to learn AWS.
AWS Credentials Encourage Safe Career Moves
In the market for infrastructure as a service, AWS is ranked third. This is greater than the total of Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud Platform. In this way, if the current trend continues as forecasted by experts, AWS is projected to grow significantly over the coming years. For those wishing to further their careers and enterprises on this highly acclaimed platform, earning an AWS certification is a safe professional step.
High-Paying Jobs Require AWS Certifications
Compared to those without certificates, AWS-certified experts make a lot more money. Six figures in pay are normal for jobs at AWS. In addition, in these difficult times, all you need to do to become an expert in cloud computing is to choose the best AWS Certification path, identify the best AWS Certification courses, put in a lot of work, and pass your exam.
The AWS Solutions Architect Associate Certification is how challenging?
Technically speaking, the AWS Solutions Architect - Associate Certification is a beginner's credential. Though it isn't an entry-level position, it is meant to certify the abilities you'll develop throughout your first year as an architect. The exam (and the position) both need a deep understanding of cloud architecture and AWS products. When it comes to the AWS Solutions Architect test, there is a lot to study.
A solutions architect's job is to strike a balance between the opposing demands of business and technology. Solutions architects must balance security, performance, resilience, and client cost needs while creating cloud infrastructures.
Remember that there are 314 instance kinds and sizes available as an illustration (as of October 2020). The best instance to employ at what time must be known by solution architects.
Curveball test questions aren't generally common in AWS certification examinations, but you'll want to pay close attention to the specifics. That is what may make this exam more challenging than others. It's difficult to create designs that are safe, robust, high-performance, and cost-effective, and the test reflects this balancing act.
The AWS study resources will be of great assistance in thoroughly preparing for the Solutions Architect Associate test. Additionally, you should count on top-notch online cloud courses like our Cloud Computing Bootcamp and obtain lots of practical experience.
How Much Does the Associate Exam for AWS Solutions Architect Cost?
The single exam you must pass to obtain the AWS Solutions Architect - Associate certification is the $150 AWS Solutions Architect - Associate (Exam SAA-C02). All of AWS's certifications no longer require any prerequisites, so if you feel prepared to take the exam, the total cost is $150.
Although holding the AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner certification may benefit you on the SAA-C02 exam and it does appear sooner in AWS' recommended certification track, it is not necessary.
Is the AWS Solutions Architect – Associate Worth It?
The AWS Solutions Architect - Associate certification is definitely worth the time, effort, and money required to obtain it, it's a pretty safe bet to say. For architects or sysadmins that work with AWS daily or occasionally, it may not be ideal, but it's still a wonderful certification. It's one of the greatest certifications for guaranteeing - and declaring emphatically - that you are familiar with every facet of AWS' numerous tools and services if it is already your job to solve issues and create solutions using AWS Cloud.
Developing Skills using AWS Solutions Architect - Associate
Studying and getting ready for the AWS Solutions Architect - Associate exam - SAA-C02 - is a wonderful method to figure out what parts of AWS you are familiar with, and which areas you could be missing in, since the certification is essentially a test of your knowledge of everything AWS.
You could be the person that the office turns to when they need help with computing services, but you've never had to deal with storage. You'll be able to identify all of your weak areas as you move through the certification exam preparation process and improve on them.
Skills Validation Using AWS Solutions Architect - Associate
People obtain certifications to demonstrate or authenticate their expertise in a field, which is another apparent rationale. An industry benchmark for establishing someone as a highly competent AWS operator is the AWS Solutions Architect - Associate certification. The certification exam covers every facet of organizing and putting into practice AWS services for a wide range of different issues.

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