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Posted by dipaleedhokiya from the Automotive category at 23 Aug 2022 06:20:10 pm.
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There are many false myths and bad practices when it comesto cleaning rims, so you may not leave them as clean as they can be or you maydirectly spoil them and lose their original appearance.
Having your car clean says a lot about your personality, butthere are parts of the car that need special products to look like the firstday. We are talking about cleaning the rims: with a "hose down" and alittle soap you will not get them to have that shine that caught your attentionwhen you saw your car for the first time.
Getting them to shine is difficult, since it is one of theelements most exposed to dirt in the environment: they are close to the ground,so if it rains or there is dust, it is the first thing that will stain. Inaddition, they are exposed to the debris that the brake pads throw, which iswhy if you do not take care of them, they will have a darker appearance thannormal.
Therefore, you must choose the right products. We promiseyou that you will not spend a million on them, since they are easy to find inspecialized motor stores. We are talking about a sponge, soap, a hose, achamois and a chemical cleaner.
When buying these products, you should make sure that thechemical cleaner is not too abrasive. Most rims are made of aluminum and youcan damage them if the product is too aggressive with dirt. Therefore, do notuse cleaners that have other uses, such as a grease remover to clean theceramic hob such as KH-7 or an oven cleaner. Very cheap solutions, but veryabrasive and damaging in the long term.
The process to follow to clean your tires
The first thing to consider is the temperature of the tires.If they are too hot, the final result will not be the best. If you are going toclean them at home, you will not have a problem, but if you travel to do it,wait a few minutes before starting. Ideally, you should follow this advice,individually, with each of the four tires.
Then use the hose. With it, it removes the most superficialdirt. It is preferable that you use a conventional hose and not a gas stationone: it has a lot of pressure. If you can't avoid using the latter, try washingthe tire as far as you can.
It is the turn of the sponge. Don't soak it, just moisten ita bit. With this, you will remove somewhat more embedded dirt. Of course, toclean the sponge you have to wet it, but ideally you should wring it out beforeusing it again on the tire.
With the rim quite clean, apparently, the moment of magicarrives: apply the chemical cleaner and once a few minutes have passed, removethe product with a chamois. Now you will see how your rim has that aspect thatyou fell in love with so much.
Finally, use soap and water to remove any traces of thecleaner: if they remain on the rim, they can cause corrosion, since theseproducts are not very abrasive, but if they remain on the rim for a long time,they can damage it.
Once you have your rims shiny, our advice is to keep thatshine. And the best way to do it is by using synthetic wax: it will make yourrims less vulnerable to dirt and therefore you will have to carry out thisoperation less frequently.
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