May 21 zodiac sign

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May 21st has a fine note to it, there to shake loose the ground that got truly stiff in the earthly sign of Taurus, creating a hurricane only to lift it up and set it free. It is a date that gives the challenge of all Gemini and their "double" personality, as it faces them with the oppositions they carry within, and all those mixed signals they got from people they grew up with.

May 21st Horoscope
MOON – SUN – (Pluto) – MERCURY
It becomes obvious that the mother and the father stand as two ruling figures in the planetary row of every individual born on May 21st. In a constant motion, these celestial bodies give and receive, synchronized to the point where we must stop believing in coincidence and start looking for reason. They are the light and its mirror, there to give people born on this date something to connect just like the Earth itself connects these two bodies. This contact has something that is left unsaid, always something to fix and resolve, and shows the touch of adulthood in one's childhood and vice versa.

Love And Emotions
We must recognize the power of the Moon and the Sun in the planetary row of those born on the 21st of May, for the relationship of parents is a point in their life that everything else revolves around. The first part of their life is usually reserved for relationships that will remind them of the patterns that repeated in their primal surroundings. Although this will be in pieces and not that obvious in some cases, the core of their personality depends on this emotional growth seen through separation from parental issues.

Their need to create a family can be in a strong collision to break one up. Depending on the level of their faith in love they might choose one or the other, but usually feeling a bit broken on the inside for any choice they make. They need an equal, someone to talk to about every single thing that might present a misunderstanding. Most of all, they need someone they have the patience to listen to every single day and still miss them when they’re gone.

To find the ability to endure through the need of this time, people born on May 21st must find their grounding and work on their first chakra. Their goal was to embrace the instinct itself, contact with our animal nature and with it battles, conflicts and finally war. Only when they see what hides on the dark side of their inner scales, they become able to do their job and mediate. Sinking into their unconscious world, they will see the anger in others and in themselves, realizing that the energy they seek is actually there for the taking.

What They Excel In
Mediators and those who create connections between people, individuals born on May 21st excel in certain social skills, team work, and may shine in human resources and other areas of expertise that require character matching, conflict resolving, and creating contacts that everyone benefits from. Their talents will blossom in positions that air their voice, public appearances, and preaching of any kind. On the other hand, the fine balance of the lights might make them detectives and in constant search for the truth to shine a light on, but this has to be truly supported by their natal chart to have enough quality as a profession.

May 21st Birthday Gift
A birthday gift for a person born on the 21st of May is well-chosen if they can talk about it with those they are close to. Buy a language course they can listen to on their way to work, a laptop to write a diary on, or something that will help their personal expression in any way. They will enjoy a practical gift for their home, but appreciate it even more if there is a dose of humor to it they can recognize and smile at every day.

Positive Traits For May 21st Born
Talkative, connecting and willing to seek understanding for every side of the problem, they are positive thinkers and people who realize that no other human is truly their enemy.

Negative Traits For May 21st Born
Stuck in parental patterns, unable to move on and speak their mind in a constructive way. They can get detached and untrue, trying to catch up on the past to stay in the same state of security that they think of as comfort zone.

Healing Crystal
The perfect stone of communication that seems to be made for the healthy mix of extremes May 21st brings our way is kinoite. It is a wonderfully colored stone that enhances communication, prevents misunderstandings, and helps a person express their inner truth. It is said to spark the first glimpse of spirituality one senses and it will develop the ability to channel the truths from higher realms here, on planet Earth, through simple and understandable words. This is a stone of messengers sent from above and speaks well of the role that those born on this date were born with.
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