May 29 zodiac

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The glow of May 29th is much more than one would anticipate from the Sun sign itself, for its numeral value stands out and makes those born at this time different, individualistic, and somewhat strange. Innovative and in constant touch with the angelic realm and the higher realms of knowledge, they are true messengers of the gods, there to give us all something to hope for and something to believe.

May 29th Horoscope
Inspired, artistic and talented for many things, Gemini representatives born on May 29th don’t stay in one position for too long, but hold on to it for as long as it is in sync with their sense of mission. This is usually not something they are able to explain, and might turn their direction when others least expect them to, only to follow through with what their heart is telling them to do. They sense things profoundly, emotional and sensitive more than we might expect, but still rational and eloquent enough to make things funny and light with those who cannot see their inner truth.

Hiding behind too many fences, people born on this date have the task to find love inside their Soul and connect the feminine and masculine within in order to find liberation. They will often do so in marriage or significant bonds, breaking out of their cocoon explosively, suddenly, and as they get older.

Love And Emotions
Feelings of people born on the 29th of May are shady and change as they move along, for their sensitivity doesn’t allow their shield to stay down for very long. They are overwhelmed by other people's emotions way too often, sometimes tired out by the role of a missionary to save everyone around them. They must stay in touch with the real world, keeping their physiology free from all mind altering substances, alcohol and medication, in order to take the best that life has to offer and shine a light on their path.

Their love life is often strange, breakups come and go without true involvement or they get entangled with dependent partners that hold them down. Inspiration needs to keep on coming through their bonds and this can only happen if they value themselves enough to listen to their own needs instead of sinking into idealization and illusion. Sometimes betrayed, sometimes dishonest, they learn that believing someone is the core foundation of anything true and valuable in their life and become truly intimate only when they embrace this fact.

All the roads that individuals born on May 29th take lead towards Uranus and its freeing stories and sudden turns that leave them breathless. The road ahead needs to be on the cliff, risky, different, standing out, and always on the verge of something they cannot handle. To ground the ideal their mind wishes to reach for, they need a strong connection to their physique and the material world in general. If they don’t, they might miss the opportunity to express and simply float around, frustrated in their bubble of ideas that seem impossible to bring the Earth.

What They Excel In
Individuals born on the 29th of May excel in all artistic expressions imaginable. They are ready to try something new every time, and in sync with the higher spheres where ideas lie. On their mission of faith, they can become preachers or those who lead the way, but only if they truly believe in the cause guiding them. Movable, talented to do something with their arms, legs, and mind, they excel in dancing, ballet, music and writing, expressing the need of the collective through their words and movement.

May 29th Birthday Gift
The choice of a birthday gift for someone born on the 29th of May can be truly easy when you think of creative ways to show your love. Choose something in color, something magical, a rainbow maker or a magician's kit. They want to feel things, hear the music and see the drawing, sensing emotions from anything written or spoken on their special day. Although they won’t give much meaning to the date of their birth itself, it is a good opportunity to bring back magic and inspiration into their lives, taking them to a faraway island, to dip their toes into the ocean, or getting them tickets to the concert of their favorite musician.

Positive Traits For May 29th Born
With a special fineness of heart, they are special among their kind, different, compassionate, caring, and truly an inspiration to everyone around them. Sent on a mission in this lifetime, they feel compelled to search for their truth and share it once it is found.
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