2019 1 Oz Landmarks of Britain Buckingham Palace .999 Silver Coin

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Buckingham Palace 1 Oz silver bullion coin is the latest and newest release in The Royal Mint’s Landmarks of Britain Collection. Buckingham Palace is the main official residence of the British monarch's situated at the heart of London. The tree-lined avenue standing at the top of the Buckingham Palace is also known as “The Mall”.

Little Facts about Buckingham Palace:
Buckingham Palace has almost 800 rooms and forty acres of areas. Buckingham Palace is one of UK’s most iconic structures. Formerly a townhouse created by the Duke of Buckingham and later in 1761, it was bought by George III for his wife Queen Charlotte. Just before the son of the Duke of Buckingham - George IV commissioned, architect John Nash refurbish it as a palace. In 1837, Queen Victoria became the first Royal monarch to accept Buckingham Palace as their official home. In 1851, walking out onto the grand balcony of the Palace during the recognition for the opening of the Great Exhibition, she began a tradition that continues to the modern British day.

Buckingham Palace is very popular among tourists. If you visit Buckingham Palace, you will see tourists roaming around the Palace and you can tell when "Her Majesty the Queen" is in the Palace because the Royal Standard flies on the flagpole. If you tour at the appropriate time,you can even visit inside of the Palace because, for every 10 weeks of the summer, the palace is free to open to the public.

Some people are fortunate enough to get an invitation;approximately 50 thousand people visit the Buckingham Palace each year as the Queen’s guests. They attend the parties at banquets, dinners, lunches, garden,and receptions.
Landmarks of Britain Buckingham Palace .999 Silver Coin
Maintaining the success of the Landmarks of Britain Collection, Royal British Mint is finally revealed a bullion silver coin highlighting the modern design by designers Laura Clancy and Glyn Davies.

This 1 Oz Landmarks of Britain Buckingham Palace.999 Silver Coin offers a new investment possibility in the series. The Landmarks range also combines Big Ben, Trafalgar Square, and Tower Bridge.
Now let's discuss about some key points about this coin...

Key Features:

1. This is an elite silver bullion coin from the Landmarks of Britain collection.
2. This coin has a limited production of 50,000.
3. The reverse design of Buckingham Palace has been constructed by Royal Mint coin designers Glyn Davies and Laura Clancy.
4. Produced with 1 Oz of .999 pure silver.
5. These silver coins are provided in capsule containers.
6. The front cover highlights the latest definitive representation of Her Majesty the Queen designed by the Jody Clark.
7. The other side in a series of coins portraying the iconic structures and buildings of Britain.

So why late! If you are a coin collector, then get your desired Landmarks of Britain silver coin from a reputed silver coin seller (LPM.HK) and enrich your collection.
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