Dream meaning earthworm

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Posted by gerryshown00 from the Careers category at 18 Aug 2022 05:07:27 pm.
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Gardeners and fishermen usually have dreams of earthworms, while other people rarely dream of them. If you get in contact with earthworms often, or you have recently seen them, these dreams shouldn’t get interpreted.

To see earthworms in a dream
If you see earthworms in a dream, it means that you will experience losses because of brutal honesty. You will probably learn a lot about people in the following period and question things that your parents have taught you from an early age. One of those lessons will be the revelation that people rather accept lies than want to face the harsh truth. Since your upbringing is not in accordance with such beliefs, you will have a hard time keeping your mouth shut and calculating what and to whom you can say. You will also realize that honesty has a price of its own that is even bigger than the one of lies, which suggests that you should only be honest with those who are ready to hear it.

To see a ball of earthworms in a dream
If you are dreaming of seeing many earthworms at the same place, that dream has the opposite meaning of the previous dream. You will probably experience gain because of honesty, while the things your parents have taught you from an early age will prove to be true.

To dig earthworms out of the ground
If you are dreaming of digging earthworms out from the ground, that dream symbolizes success regarding a business you will start.

To hold earthworms in your hand
This dream suggests that someone is trying to use you. Be skeptical about business offers and new friends.

To dream of an earthworm biting you
Dreaming of an earthworm biting you symbolizes unjustified fear in real life. For no reason, you are afraid of getting involved with one venture that could change your life for the better.

To dream of black earthworms
If you see black earthworms in a dream, it means that your friends are lying to you for your own good. They are hiding some information from you because they could hurt you, so you shouldn’t resent them for it.

To have white worms
If you are dreaming of white worms living inside of you, it means that your health will be bad in the following period, but you will overcome it surprisingly easily.

To dream of other people having white worms
This dream suggests that you should dedicate your attention to a healthier lifestyle. Get rid of cigarettes, alcohol, or drugs if you are using them.

To dream of an earthworm talking
Dreaming of an earthworm talking symbolizes a big burden. If someone depends on you, you will have a hard time dedicating your attention to them while dealing with other obligations. You will get torn between many tasks, so you will feel like you are doing everything superficially to get it over with and finally get some rest. Leading such a lifestyle will make you neglect your friends who you are close to and the activities you enjoy, which will contribute to the feeling of longing and regret when remembering beautiful moments from your youth.

To use earthworms as bait while fishing
When you are dreaming of using earthworms as bait while fishing, it means that success is granted to you. You will be successful in everything you do.

To put an earthworm on a hook
Dreaming of putting an earthworm on a hook means that you will have a good opportunity to make a lot of money and profit. Investing in a rational business, excluding gambling and games of chance, will pay off multiple times.

To dream of others digging out earthworms
If you see other people digging out earthworms from the ground, it means that your investments will not pay off. Watch out what you are investing money in since you could suffer big losses. Now is not the time for buying an apartment, house, or car. Don’t be impulsive and make such choices based only on the things you like. Ask for advice from someone who knows a lot more about those things than you.

To dream of others holding earthworms
This dream is a warning to watch out for sweet talkers. Someone from your surroundings is constantly flattering you and using you to achieve their goals. As soon as they feel just a crumb of mistrust, they make sure to show you how their intentions are good. You estimate people really well usually, so it is surprising that you have made a mistake this time.

To see earthworms in food
When you see earthworms crawling all over your food in a dream, it means that a colleague you work or study with is jealous of you. Someone envies you on your success, and they will do everything in their power to ruin it for you. They will not be afraid of spreading lies about you either. This dream is a warning to watch out who you are confiding in to protect yourself from malicious people.

To dream of eating earthworms
If you are dreaming of eating earthworms on purpose or accidentally, that is a good sign. This dream symbolizes success in all fields. You will have many reasons to celebrate, especially because of the good results at work and some events related to your private life. Many people will show their respect to you for business achievements that you have managed to fulfill.

To dream of others eating earthworms
A dream in which you see someone else eating earthworms symbolizes a lack of self-confidence and self-respect. You are too self-critical, and you always diminish your success and accomplishments while glorifying someone else’s. You can idealize people and humiliate yourself to make people accept you. It is time to stop doing it and work on yourself. You have many qualities that are worth someone’s attention and results that are speaking for themselves, but you let other people think that others are better than you.
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