Mysterious GPS glitches after president's Washington visit

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Posted by jammer from the Agriculture category at 18 Aug 2022 03:54:09 am.
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  Finland has a long and complex history with neighboring Russia. Since the president's visit to Washington, much of Finland's air traffic has been crippled by GPS signal outages.
  A warning from the Kremlin?
  Planes have been reporting GPS jammer gps on Finland's eastern border since last Tuesday
  interference. Unrest intensified around the Russian enclave of Kaliningrad on Wednesday and on the Finnish-Norwegian border on Thursday.
  However, the unrest has affected not only the immediate border areas, but much of the country. Flights between Helsinki and Savonlinna in the east of the country are currently considered infeasible and have been cancelled at least until the beginning of this week. A GPS jamming alert was also issued for flights between Mikkeli and Kuopio, the largest city in eastern Finland. In addition, most of Finnair's European flights pass through Kaliningrad.
  Earlier, Finnish President Sauli Niinistö visited the United States. The exact cause of this phenomenon remains unclear. Even if Russia supports it, experts can't say for sure. However, suppose only one country could be responsible for a disruption of this magnitude. "If [interference] was caused by external influences, it would definitely be said publicly," Prime Minister Sanna Marin said, according to the British newspaper The Guardian.
  The last time Finland experienced such a blackout was in autumn 2018, during a NATO exercise. At the time, unrest also affected northern Norway and Finnish Lapland. At that time, the Russian army on the Kola Peninsula can be identified as the fuse.
  GPS signals can be corrupted in two ways: jamming and spoofing. signal jammer device produce invalid or incorrect location data. Russia has previously raised concerns about GPS spoofing. However, flying is said to be safe even in the event of a GPS malfunction, and there are procedures in place for such situations, the head of the Finnish transport agency said.
  The Global Positioning System (GPS) was originally developed by the U.S. Department of Defense and continues to be operated and controlled by the U.S. government. Due to the low signal strength, it is easy to suppress with additional signal, at least in smaller areas. However, the US government can allegedly distort or shut down the signal.

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