Path of Exile About Play Through Atlas and Get All Maps

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The basis of all game mechanics is the so-called Atlas and the maps it contains. There are many different ways to move forward in the Path of Exile endgame.

In beginner's guide, we explain how atlases work, how to use them to overcome obstacles, and why it's so important. The Atlas is the foundation of everything that happens after all the stories.

Path of Exile Endgame and Atlas will be unlocked after you defeat Chitava in Chapter 10.
An atlas of 115 maps connected by paths. Your task now is to play these cards. The starting point in the lower part of the atlas connects to four tier 1 cards, which can already be dropped from Act 8.

To complete the map, you have to put it into the map device (map suggestion) and activate it. When six portals appear, it will taking you into the map. You will have five attempts and if you die you will go back to your hideout. Once you defeat the map boss, the map is considered complete.

Cards are divided into three suits based on the level:

Levels 1 to 5 are "white"
Cards at levels 6 to 10 are "yellow".
Level 11 and higher cards are "red".

To complete all the objectives of the map, you first need to modify the feature. Before activating a white card (levels 1 to 5), you must change its rarity to Magic or Rare using a Transfiguration Orb or Alchemy Orb.

The status of the yellow card (level 6 to 10) must be changed to Rare via the Alchemy Sphere. Red cards (levels 11 to 16) must be in rare state and then corrupted by Vaal Orbs.

It is not easy to quickly complete the map or upgrade, you can Buy POE Orbs to strengthen your equipment and speed up the completion of the task.

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