How can I tell if I have a GPS jammer installed in my car?

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Posted by jammer from the Agriculture category at 17 Aug 2022 03:14:18 am.
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  The car GPS series signal blocker is the third-generation green gps blocker, which only blocks the signal received by the GPS terminal on site, without any negative impact and interference on the communication and transmission of other surrounding electronic devices. It can cover all GPS signals such as positioning terminals within a range of 2-50 meters (depending on the strength of satellite signals), so that all GPS positioning terminals in the shielded area are fully connected to the outside world.
  What is a GPS signal jammer?
  Shield the GPS band.
  The effective shielding distance is 5-15 meters (debugged according to customer requirements before leaving the factory).
  Easy to carry, small size and light weight.
  Low power consumption, no harm to human body, environmental protection.
  Effectively interfere with GPS satellite signals to protect the privacy of your location and the confidentiality of information.
  Small size, high performance, light weight, large coverage and easy to carry.
  Effectively prevent car/mobile phone GPS satellite positioning system positioning.
  A notice:
  When using a car GPS jammer, you should pay attention to the following points:
  1. Is the shielded antenna in good condition?
  2. Whether the antenna is plugged in properly when using it.
  3. Whether the interface between the antenna and the instrument is tight.
  4. Whether the inserted meter is in good contact with the car cigarette lighter socket.
  Mainly due to the release of radio interference waves, the GPS locator can be disabled within the specified electromagnetic band range to form the same electromagnetic environment as the device and achieve the purpose of shielding the signal.
  GPS devices require a calling card. The current location information calculated by the GPS module is uploaded from the communication base station to the positioning server through the map for user query. The jammer uses the connection between the wireless electromagnetic wave jamming card and the communication base station to achieve GPS positioning, and the user cannot inquire for this purpose.
  But first of all, you need to distinguish what kind of signal tracking method your car's GPS uses. Second, go to the electronics market to buy a GPS signal cellphone jammer
  There are only two ways for signal tracking: (1) Cell phone signal. (2) Direct satellite tracking signal.
  Generally speaking, most GPS positioning signals use mobile phone signals, and the signal is blocked, causing all communication devices within the range to lose their signals. But such a device also has drawbacks for the users who use it: the signal jammer can only be turned on temporarily, not permanently, and the GPS signal can be reused as long as the jammer is turned off.

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