How Ukraine Is Threatening Russia With Small Drones Carrying Jammers

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Posted by jammer from the Technology category at 17 Aug 2022 02:08:48 am.
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  The problem on the battlefield remains the firepower advantage of the Russian military. In an unequal battle of artillery fire, Ukraine is pinning its hopes on a smarter and more precise war. Aerial reconnaissance was the deciding factor - Ukraine has long been air-launching armed drones. Currently, hundreds of soldiers in the country are being trained in various modes.
  Drones play a central role in this war. Ukraine relies on civilian and military drones. In particular, the army used armed TB2 drones from the Turkish manufacturer Baykar "to reconnaissance and strikes against Russian troops and equipment very successfully." The air support also played a decisive role in the symbolic downing of the Russian warship "Moscow" in April. The GPS jammers-equipped drone is said to distract the ship's defenses, so an anti-ship missile attack could come from the other side.
  The drone is about 20 feet long and can be fully armed. Ukraine is said to have received more than 50 such models since the war began. More than 10 million euros were recently raised by private donations from the people of Lithuania and Poland to fund two other drones in Ukraine.
  Russia’s electronic warfare system still interferes with the U.S. GPS, and after the GPS was interfered by Russia, the UAVs supported by the U.S. and other Western countries to Ukraine will not be able to operate normally, although Russia has been advertised I already have powerful electronic warfare capabilities, but in fact Russia's electronic warfare capabilities are quite limited. At present, Russia's electronic warfare mainly relies on increasing power for drone radio frequency jamming.
  From the current point of view, Russia has mastered the ability to interfere with the GPS system. If a conflict between Russia and NATO breaks out, Russia can also show off its electronic warfare capabilities with great fanfare, and the interference to NATO's GPS will also affect NATO. than today's Ukraine.

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