There are weaknesses in Antetokounmpo's game in NBA

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In spite of Sue Bird's leadership, and experience have kept the Seattle Storm as a top WNBA team for so long it's clear it's true that Breanna Stewart is their star. In fact, Stewart ranks as the most highly-rated athlete in the NBA 2k23 league and for good reason.

Stewart's resume speaks for itself with two WNBA Titles, two Finals MVP awards and a Rookie of the Year award, as well as a league MVP in the year 2018. That's still not even getting the whole picture. It's only 27, and she's is in her fifth season it's likely she'll only improve.

As opposed to those of Madden NFL franchise, NBA 2k23 has no players who enter"the "99 Club." Then, the top players in the game are actually all tied for a 96 overall. That's an interesting call that actually allows gamers to test and enhance the league's best in MyLeague or MyGM mode.

The first player of the "96 Club" is LeBron James who has been either at or near the top since he joined the NBA in 2003. Even though he's nearly more than two decades into his career, James still puts up near-triple-double numbers and is at the top of the list of the best team in NBA.

It seemed like some of the glamour had gone on Stephen Curry in recent years. When Kevin Durant gone and Klay Thompson on the sidelines the Warriors were no longer a formidable team. Curry was absent from all but five games in the 2019-2020 season , during which the team struggled a lot.

Curry returned with a vengeance this season with a total of 32.0ppg and 91% on the free-throw line, which were both higher than the time he took home the MVP award in 2016. He nearly got the Warriors into the Playoffs as well. Making the decision to play Curry is a sign that a player can play from anywhere on the court and be a threat.

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