GPS Jammers - Advantages With Significant Impact

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Posted by jammer from the Agriculture category at 16 Aug 2022 03:16:22 am.
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  It is well known that GPS tracking has many advantages. But this positioning also has some drawbacks.
  Finally, location determination also enables assassins to locate victims and execute planned attacks. But even in less dramatic situations, GPS tracking has some downsides.
  Many assassins have taken advantage of the location possibilities to locate potential victims at any time. Also, many privately use cell phones to locate partners due to jealousy and suspicion of infidelity.
  Because if your own smartphone is registered with location services, you can always determine your location. This means that if you tell your wife that, for example, you are driving to work and you are actually meeting up with some friends for a beer, the wife can easily debunk the lie.
  Also, some teens certainly don't want their parents to know right away the first time they meet their boyfriend or girlfriend.
  There is now a technology to prevent location: GPS jammers.
  If you carry a so-called GPS jammer with you, the GPS signal will be jammed, making GPS positioning impossible. Jammers can (due to jammers) turn off full reception of GPS satellites.
  This technique has a side effect, which can be seen as both positive and negative. Because if the GPS jammer is activated, you will no longer be able to use the mobile network. Therefore, you always have to take into account that using a jammer will also cut off your own cell phone traffic, because the radio frequencies interfered with by the jammer make it possible to make calls from your cell phone. But this can also be seen as an advantage. Because while some people complain about mobility issues, it's the real reason others buy jammers.
  Possible scenarios for jammer missions
  GPS jammers keep restaurants quiet
  Holger A.'s restaurant has done well over the years. But recently he's noticed a noticeable drop in guests.
  An independently conducted survey shows that many guests are disturbed by constantly ringing mobile phones. To stop being a problem, the restaurateur bought a jammer.
  The device will ensure that there is no cell phone signal in the restaurant. Guests will no longer be disturbed by cell phone ringtones. Holger A hopes this will bring more guests again. Chances are, jammers will be able to do just that.
  Audio Jammer protects conversations containing sensitive information
  As a managing director of a large stock exchange company, Holger B. frequently engages in important discussions with employees and partners.
  It is not uncommon to exchange highly explosive information in secrecy. Fearing eavesdropping or secret recordings, Holger B wanted to protect himself and purchased a jammer.
  Jammers ensure that conversations are uninterrupted and no technical devices within a two-meter radius attempt to conduct eavesdropping attacks or the recording does not work. The required safety and relief is now a reality thanks to jammers.

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