Finding Path of Exile: Expect Lake of Kalandra to Deal With Wraeclast's Killer Reflex

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Posted by Annbam from the Family category at 15 Aug 2022 08:32:28 am.
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Path of Exile has a great project called Mirror of Calandra, which has been in the game since day one, and the vast majority of Path of Exile players have never seen it before, and a lot of people ask, This side Who is the Kalandra entity named after the mirror? So the expansion, the name implies a lot of them.

In Lake of Kalandra Challenge League, players will explore the Lake of Kalandra ability to reflect and replicate. To open the portal to the Kalandra realm, players will find Mirrored Tablets on the Wraeclast. Players can lay out custom paths full of dangerous encounters, using Mirrored Tablet shards to mirror from other parts of Wraeclast.

As users go through custom paths and find more Mirrored Tablets pieces, they eventually unlock special abilities that allow them to skip, re-roll, or completely banish selections, so they can have more control over custom tablets. As the player is further away from the entrance of the path, the path of the tablet is longer and the encounter is more dangerous, and more difficult paths need to be completed in order to obtain greater rewards included POE Currency and others.

Reward chests may contain items affected by the lake's reflective fog in keeping with Lake of Kalandra theme. Players choose between items with positive and negative stats. No matter what the player chooses, the item will be copied, with reverse mods available for each choice. In the end, the player may only keep POE Items. The reflected stats will be a major part of Lake of Kalandra League.

Sentinels of Path of Exile saw GGG run an experiment, which was completed, and found that the balance change was zero. Now the team is starting to beef up some underpowered classes and builds again. Trickster Ascendancy class has been overhauled, to better emphasize defense and speed manipulation, minion-based builds have been tweaked to improve efficiency, and new skills and support gems will help boost poison and shock builds. If players want to complete tasks or upgrade faster, they can speed up the completion through buy Path of Exile Currency.

If players still don't understand a lot, Grinding Gear Games has a plethora of patch notes on the Path of Exile site, which include revamps for Harvest, Beyond, and Archnemesis leagues.

Lake of Kalandra will be available on PC and Mac on August 19. PlayStation and Xbox users can join it on Wednesday, August 24th.
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