The day John Madden retired as one of the most well-known heads

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The nuts and bolts that comprise the Madden nfl 23 Franchise mode is similar to previous seasons There are a few new features that were apparently intended to make players feel like they were impacting what happened on the field more. The primary change EA introduced to introduce something new into this year's version of the long-running series is weekly game-planning.

The brand new feature of Madden nfl 23's Franchise mode is designed to let players take on the role of a head coach of a team. Before every pre-season game, regular season, or playoff game, there will be an opportunity for players to determine how the opponent will attack. The point of that feature is supposedly two-fold: The offensive of a player will perform better in tackling the defense that is in opposition and it's the reverse. It's going to be easier to stop the offensive that isn't prepared to play according to the game plan.

The other positive can be that the play plan is going to outline specific goals the player is supposed to reach including only allowing 200 yards of air. If they achieve this goal, they'll earn additional points that they can apply to their team's roster and coaching staff, accelerating how quickly the team and staff progress. If it's functioning as it's supposed to, it's definitely a great idea.

The problem is, especially when playing, it's difficult to tell if the game plan actually changing any outcomes. There's a possibility that the game plan is keeping a quarterback from completing his long throw, and the running back from gaining the extra yard. It's just hard to guess about whether this is actually changing the game. If one of the best players in Madden nfl 23 scores 150 yards in a game against someone, you might be wondering if they would have gone for 175 or 200 if not to have the game plan in place.

Naturally, this is the situation in actual football, teams may have the offense's number in all its entirety, but if there isn't personnel to carry out the game plan it's still likely to be all lit up. The problem here is that it's not clear what effect on the game plan feature is having upon Madden nfl 23. In a game that had to set itself apart it's not a great idea.

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