Navigation GPS failure during military exercise

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Posted by jammer from the Technology category at 11 Aug 2022 03:23:46 am.
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  According to the military, communications to the population had already been published in September. In early October, warnings were also issued via the region's usual maritime radio channels. However, this was probably not enough to reach everyone involved. So far, it's unclear what went signal jammer have also been used in previous maneuvers without complaint, he said.
  The requirement for sufficiently precise positioning, navigation and timing is a necessary prerequisite for the use of most weapon systems. This can only be guaranteed with a functioning navigation system. The goal of navigation warfare is the adversary's interference with satellite position, navigation, and time information.
  Navigation systems or GNSS (Global Navigation Satellite System) now cover the entire Earth. They are used to determine position and navigation on land, sea and air by receiving signals from navigation satellites and pseudolites (terrestrial transmitters that transmit signals, such as satellites).
  As with electronic warfare, protection must be taken while navigating. All military users of receiver systems that rely on satellite positioning, navigation, and time information should be more aware of the risks associated with civilian GPS receivers or unencrypted military GPS receivers. Essentially, these protections rely on the use of military GPS receivers with current encryption keys and the use of special antenna technology.
  Military code (M code) is the future military GPS signal. It was developed as "jamming" protection to provide secure military access to GPS. To be able to receive the transmit frequency of 5115 MHz, a separate receiver is required. Military codes are transmitted by satellites in the corresponding operational areas. This boosted the signal strength by 20 dB, meaning the signal reached the Earth's surface about 100 times stronger than before. In order to achieve sufficient jamming effect, more powerful and therefore larger jammers gps should be built.
  Navigation is very important in the world, both civil and military. GPS and equivalent systems are inexpensive components available worldwide. Civil receivers, in particular, are more prone to interference and more likely to be misled. Simulators are available to everyone on the market. Therefore, naval warfare became more and more important. Therefore, soldiers who use location, navigation and time information must be specially trained. It also means that good old cards can still be read to keep operating in the event of a system failure or spoofing.
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