Navigation Warfare Possibilities

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Posted by jammer from the Technology category at 11 Aug 2022 02:05:37 am.
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  Navigation content can no longer be filtered out by sending an interference signal on the GPS carrier frequency, as there is no or only poor reception.
  Here an available signal is modified, broadcast with a delay or newly generated. The goal is to trick adversary systems, which depend on position, navigation and time information.
  With a jammer, the GPS signal cellphone jammer l can usually be blocked or blocked successfully. Since the GPS signal for navigation only touches the earth very weakly, only a weak interference signal is needed to disrupt navigation systems on the ground.
  What can be remedied by simply looking at a map in the case of pure navigation can have significant consequences in the case of military systems that depend on accurate position, navigation and time information.
  Identity theft is the targeted manipulation of data. Existing signals can be tampered with or incorrect signals can be generated in order to convey misleading position, navigation and time information to the adversary. Either a satellite signal containing false information is artificially modified, or technically correct signals are redirected.
  As a result, communication systems could no longer exchange data with each other in a network-centric operation. Weapon systems that obtain their data from many sensors and rely on the timing information of the GPS signal would no longer be usable.
  The GPS receiver receives this signal as an actual message and processes the incorrect information, resulting in incorrect position or time information. Weapon systems are limited in their effectiveness or aircraft and ships are off course.
  Even a small gps jammer can interfere with the signal within ten meters. You can find enough plans for this on the internet. This means that the localization of vehicles equipped with a GPS receiver is no longer possible and that the navigation system is no longer functional.
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