Ordinary mobile phones can be used as jammers

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  The emergence of a large number of listening devices allows third parties to obtain information that they should not know. But at the same time, devices are being developed to prevent unwanted guests from entering personal or business life. The easiest of these options are cell phone jammers, which are also gps blocker and suppressors.
  Jammers are used to protect privacy, ensure the confidentiality of conversations, and keep silent in public places where cell phones are not available. Standards that jammers interfere with include GSM, GPS, 3G, 4G, and less commonly Bluetooth and wi-fi.

  The efficiency of jammers depends on several factors. The most common are the level of battery charge and the distance between the phone and the base station. In the first case, the battery must be fully charged for proper operation. Second, the quality of signal suppression is inversely proportional to the distance of the receiving device from the source. Affecting the latter doesn't seem real, still just thinking about the moment.
  These devices prevent information leakage and unauthorized tracking of people or their vehicles.
  A cell phone jammer is simple - to start, you need to charge it, install the antenna (if you have one), and in fact, turn it on. The first is optional in devices that connect to a household socket or car cigarette lighter.
  frequency. To turn off unnecessary frequencies, just use the settings. This method can also correct the inherent frequency parameters, so that non-standard signals can be intercepted.
  Scope of action. The short range of a personal cell phone jammer is about 20 m. The area is reduced by obstructions in the form of walls, so neighbors at the entrance will have easy access to the wireless network.
  A mobile jammer has three main components. The main component is a voltage-controlled generator that establishes a connection to the device being inhibited. Open or closed loop circuits allow you to adjust the frequency. The resulting signal is propagated by the antenna.
  Extending coverage Connecting an RF amplifier unit can help. This increases force and coverage, but reduces operating time. Unlike most industrial products, homemade devices are tuned to a selected frequency range at a time.
  Sometimes a jammer that's charged and turned on doesn't cripple calls, mobile internet, and other activities, and it doesn't work over the shortest distance. This indicates that telecom operators are using non-standard frequencies. If the manufacturer offers such a feature, the problem can be solved by adjusting the blocker's settings.
  The operation of receiving a signal can be rejected. Our main concern is intentional GPS jamming caused by intentionally jamming devices. Similarly, jamming attacks can be more damaging if simple jammers are combined with information from GPS signals to produce more complex jamming signals. For example, a jamming device can connect to a GPS receiver, and with the help of the GPS receiver, the jammer can access all critical information that the GPS receiver can retrieve. So, now jammers can produce more sophisticated and effective jamming attacks known as system cellphone jammer
  Jammers can deny receiver operation over a wide geographic radius, even up to several kilometers. Knowing these facts, we can say that jammers are a real threat to all satellite navigation systems such as GPS. On the other hand, unintentional interference can come from other televisions, very high frequency (VHF) transmitters, other personal and everyday electronic equipment.
  As a result, GPS is susceptible to intentional and unintentional effects, as well as effects on the signal due to ionosphere and signal blockage, all of which are primarily noticeable to users using single frequency.

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