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Posted by passyourcert from the Education category at 09 Aug 2022 07:06:48 am.
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It's wise to take your time and familiarize yourself with the upcoming changes to Cisco's expert-level certification if you intend to obtain a CCIE any time soon. This is because you would want to make the necessary adjustments as these modifications can have an effect on your plans. You must pass two tests to receive the CCIE Enterprise Infrastructure certification.

  1. The Qualifying Exam

  2. The Lab Exam

About the Lab Exam
The lab exam lasts eight hours. The whole lifespan of complex corporate networks, from planning and installing to running and optimizing, is covered in this hands-on test. Cisco has significantly changed the format of the CCIE Enterprise Infrastructure v1.0 Lab Exam for the new lab.

The Lab Exam is now divided into 2 modules, as opposed to the prior 3 modules for R&S.

  • The first module's based test lasts for three hours. You must construct, analyze, validate, and optimize network architectures for this module. Additionally, you must transform client needs into solutions and evaluate the network's capability to serve those solutions.

  • Second Module: The duration of the second module is five hours. Candidates must construct the network in this module according to the design specifications, client needs, and constraints by combining virtual, web-based, and physical devices.

The CCIE Enterprise Infrastructure Exam has seen considerable changes as a result of the development of technology. The focus of the test is on Software Defined Infrastructure, Infrastructure Automation, SD-Access, SD WAN, and Programmability.

Points Covered in the Exam
Follow are the key points covered in the exam.

  • Cisco SD Access

  • 2.1a Design a Cisco SD Access Solution

  • 2.1. I Underlay Network (ISIS, manual/PnP)

  • 2.1.a ii Overlay Fabric Design (LISP, VXLAN, Cisco TrustSec)

  • 2.1.a iii Fabric Domains (single-site and multi-site)

  • 2.1.b Cisco SD Access Deployment

  • 2.1.b i Cisco DNA Center Device Discovery and Device Management

  • 2.1.b ii Add Edge Node Devices to an Existing Fabric

  • 2.1.b iii Host On-boarding (wired endpoints only)

  • 2.1.b iv Fabric Border Handoff

  • 2.1.c Segmentation

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Original Content Source: https://ccie-enterprise-infrastructure.blogspot.com/2022/08/about-ccie-enterprise-infrastructure-lab-exam.html
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