How to Install and Use a Jammer in Your Car

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Posted by jammer from the Technology category at 09 Aug 2022 05:50:38 am.
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  A portable GPS and GLONASS jammer in a car is a device used to suppress pulses from satellite systems. The use of a muffler made it impossible to monitor the machine's location using a satellite system. We're not just talking about navigators, but also trackers and bugs.
  The equipment on the car to suppress the signal works by creating radio frequency interference at the frequencies that transmit the wanted pulses. The higher the noise amplitude, the less likely communication is. The interference radius will be larger. Immediately after connecting the device to the in-vehicle network, the device began to interfere within a radius of up to 15 meters. All mufflers work in the L1 and L2 ranges. When the device is activated, all gadgets used to determine location using GPS channels cannot receive signals from satellites.
  The functionality of the jammers gps does not affect the operation of cellular communications on the phone. In fact, the suppression range of the satellite signal is 5-10 meters, which is more than enough for cars and buses, since the installation of the tracker is usually carried out in the passenger compartment of the car or passenger cabin.
  GPS devices used to interfere with satellite signals. The device is designed to generate noise on the frequencies that satellites transmit information. Pulses can be transmitted in GPS and GLONASS frequency bands. The frequencies of these satellites are close to each other. The generation of the interference is achieved by means of a broadband generator device fitted with an antenna.
  GSM device. It is used to cause interference on the mobile operator's operating frequency. Depending on the operating model, providers can operate at different frequencies. The operator's work standards also affect here. To generate interference at all ranges, the device is equipped with multiple antenna adapters. Every device is designed to operate within a certain frequency range.
  Universal system. Such devices can operate not only on all frequency bands of mobile operators, but also on all frequency bands of satellites. These devices are equipped with multiple antenna modules that allow you to work efficiently in all selected frequency bands. Many manufacturers offer users a choice of job types. In this case, the jammer produces noise only on the frequency specified by the consumer.
  1. Turn off the ignition in the car.
  2. Remove the plug with button from the cigarette lighter. Most modern devices can be plugged into the jack. Install the wires of the jamming device into it.
  3. After installing the device in the cigarette lighter, the device will automatically start working. If the jammer is not being used on a personal vehicle but on a work vehicle, camouflage may be required during installation. Open the hood and disconnect the battery by first loosening the negative terminal on its terminal.
  4. Choose a location to install the device to make it as discreet as possible. It is allowed to install drone radio frequency jamming behind the center console, for example, in the plastic tunnel under the radio. You can mount the device behind the glove box or dashboard, under the control panel, near the driver's feet. The main thing is that there is free space on the installation site. Remove all plastic elements of the salon lining. Securely secure the jammer and connect it to the in-vehicle network. Use a power cord that receives current when the ignition starts. Therefore, we recommend connecting the device to the lock. A cigarette lighter is allowed to be connected to the mains circuit. You can connect wires to switch sizes, optics, and more.
  5. After connecting, check the operation of the device. Reinstall all interior components.

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