Go to the following three border cities to pick up the RVR task

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In order to play copy you need to have five numbers with the same occupation each, and they must are able to reach the level of 40. At the same time you must invest a little money to get an enormous size. the largest size is approximately 350 (350 is a mix, around 1 million and the entire body is blue + 6+8 gems to make it an MAX of 3 levels and you could hit it) You can then play 40 copies adjacent to each the other. Now the fastest way to upgrade the trumpet is to go to the home, don't complete the main line, head out to fight monsters and then upgrade to 39. After that, clean the main line, then clear up to 40. Place all the big equipment gems in the storage area and then transfer them to the trumpet (note that the gems can download) The equipment will only be stored in the warehouse once it's down).

40 copies of 4 would provide about 120.000 gold coins, weapons could be 10.000-20.000. The basic idea is that a number of income is around 180.000. If you are lucky, the purple-colored fragile will be more profitable. If you're not at 42 levels. you can do everyday tasks per account. It is recommended to do RVR activities every day. The rewards are high and quick, and gems can be exchanged for cash. If you reach the age of 41. Do the main line. begin the daily in this spot, and you'll be able go through the daily of this location, and you will need to make sure that the stone is strengthened.

Go to the following three border cities to pick up the RVR task. Be careful not to collect monsters (it appears to be the fifth from the bottom so you can translate it into which monster is it) The remaining can be picked up. 41 42 Enhanced Stones are not picked up by the BOSS, instead they give 2 Enhanced Stones (because only one person is able to finish the task.). 42-43 The red The red Enhanced Stones in the main city are daily followed by a time when the same team disassembles the useless equipment and sells the Enhanced Stones. 42 can also open the blue strengthening stone. Profitable. The red enhancement stone has been bound, and you need to increase the strength of your green equipment until it is +4. Then , you can sell holes to earn cash.

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