Two ways to increase FPS in POE

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Posted by Rookie from the Finance category at 06 Aug 2022 01:59:29 am.
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We all know that FPS in POE will affect our game experience. Players will pursue the ultimate FPS to optimize our game experience, which can also help us better kill enemies in the game and obtain POE Currency. In addition to using a high-end computer, we have some other ways to help us improve FPS. Now I will introduce you to

Quit Background Programs

Unsurprisingly, when we run POE, we need to maintain stability in the background, so we need to close other unnecessary things. For example, we run too many tabs, or open too many applications will have an impact, and some applications are not easy to be found, seriously reducing your performance in the game.

These are relatively easy to solve, we can solve the problem directly from the menu bar, after which you will be ready in no time. We need to do this before launching the game, so that we can basically solve the problems caused by this type of problem.

Be Careful With Overlays and Third-Party Tools

If you are using a platform like Steam, ReShade, NVIDIA FreeStyle or others for POE, there are a few things we need to be aware of. Overlays can be cumbersome at times and our performance can be affected by them. Sometimes, maybe we don't want to exit full screen mode, Overlays may not work properly, which is a more serious problem, because we can get a better gaming experience in full screen mode, and the performance is better.

So, in modern times, we just need to install a program like MSI Afterburner or EVGA Precision and you can drastically increase the GPU speed. Of course, we can't pursue the speed of the GPU too much. If our computer has a good heat dissipation, we can use this method to increase the FPS.

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