How to Speed Up Travel to Lost Ark

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Fast Travel in Lost Ark

The feature for fast travel is pretty simple to handle in Lost Ark, though it's important to note that you won't be able to utilize it until you've reached Prideholme, which is the initial main city you'll explore within the game. Once you've arrived at Prideholme then simply follow the main story quests which take you through the region, and you'll eventually be asked in order to activate the Triport stone that we've highlighted in the screenshot below.

While exploring the world, if you happen to come across other Triport stone, then you can connect to them using the G key to speed up travel. While you're standing in front of the Stone, press M to open your map, then select another Triport stone that you want to be teleported to. It's that easy. It's important to remember, however that you will need to pay a modest amount of Shillings each time you want to travel quickly.

If you buy the monthly subscription from the in-game store, which needs real money, all fast transportation will be for free. This isn't required at all, and it's fairly easy to earn money in the game. Additionally, you're not able to fast traverse between continents. You'll only be able warp between Triport stones on an identical continent.

How to Speed Up Travel to Lost Ark:

Complete the main story quests until you've reached Prideholme.

Engage it with the Triport stone.

Press M to bring up the map.

Choose another Triport stone that has been activated to teleport to that location for a nominal cost.
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