RuneScape shifts dramatically depending on the player

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These were games like World of Warcraft or Guild Wars that allowed you to chat and quest with people from all over, and all you needed was an internet connection. My own favorite fanciful addiction was RuneScape the game that saw me and my brother joining forces to take on the Corporeal Beast Learn to cook an exquisite monkfish and play a few rounds of Gnome Ball.

That time of getting home from school and hopping on our shared computer, and later , our own computers and leaving the door to our bedroom open to shout out strategies and plead for gold were among the most memorable moments of my life.

I've kept track of RuneScape over the years to ensure my account from 2005 was still in good shape. But it wasn't until about two months ago, that I received a message from a good friend in my *Gamer Squad*. The text simply read, "I want to play RuneScape," that I decided to embark on my way to Gielinor.

As with every good MMO like any other good MMO, the goal of RuneScape shifts dramatically depending on the player. Maybe you'd like to finish each and every one of the 200 quests and earn Legendary Hero status. Maybe you want to master any of the 27 talents required to obtain the illustrious Skill Mastery cape. Maybe you want to make billions by flipping products on in the Grand Exchanges.

It's possible to be an a**hole and be killed by questing players out in the open Also. This is not even mentioning the mini-games or world events, battles, holidays, and duels. Naturally, the game is big. It's evident Jagex has not abandoned from updating Gielinor. There's no shortage of fresh games, with the most recent being RuneScape Mobile, which launches July 17.

It was awe-inspiring to go back to RuneScape's Grand Exchange and see people wearing armor and wielding swords that seemed to summon god-killing power and smash my gold-trimmed dragon armor and abyssal whip (that'd look impressive if played it back in my days kids).

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