SWTOR: How to farm a lot of Credits

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Posted by Rookie from the Agriculture category at 01 Aug 2022 03:56:46 am.
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We know that it is very difficult to farm a large number of Credits in SWTOR, but there are some other ways to do it. Now I will tell you some tips I know to help you improve yourself.

Swoop Event

Swoop is a time-limited event. This is the fastest way to earn Credits in the game. As long as our character level reaches 75, we can probably get about 700,000 Swtor Credits in 30 minutes. We need to complete daily tasks, weekly tasks and additional tasks, complete nine tasks to get extra Credits, and then, you can also get a lot of credits on other characters. This is a great way to elevate us.

Jawa Junk

Jawa Junk is also a special Currency that can be used to make special materials, but it is very difficult to obtain in the current version of the expansion pack, but at the same time its price is also very high, if we can get some, we will also Bring us a lot of money. We can go to Cartel Bazaar to sell Jawa Junk, or spend green, blue and purple jama to craft Jawa' materials.

The above is the introduction on how to Cheap SWTOR Credits. If you have a different opinion, you can actively explore it. If you are willing to buy SWTOR Credits, you can also trade with IGGM, and you will get happy trading results. Happy gaming.

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