XP rates that exceed 1 million per minute are to be expected

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The recommended route for most players is as follows. At first it is recommended to follow the guidelines like it was mentioned above and then change to this one as you progress to the level 52 Fletching.

Level 52 - 67: Mithril Darts

To be able to create adamant darts player must be able to complete the Tourist Trap quest and have at minimum 54 Smithing, and 52 Fletching.

It is necessary to create 37.884 Mithril Darts in order to attain Level 67 from Level 52. At a cost of about 2M GP. It's likely to be fairly fast and XP rate will be high, just over two-thirds of the rates you'd get from Adamant Darts. Definitely switch to Adamant Darts the moment they are on the market, as they're often near the same cost GP/XP with Adamant Darts providing more XP hourly rates.

Level 67 - 99: Adamant Darts

To be able to make adamant darts the player must have completed an Tourist Trap quest and have at minimum 74 Smithing or 67 Fletching. This is considered to be the most effective method for training Fletching, with the cost being quite reasonable, as well as the hourly rates of XP being crazy and effectively uncapped.

XP rates that exceed 1 million per minute are to be expected in this manner that is unimaginable and will allow you to get to Level 99 in about 12 hours. Every dart you make yields 15xP, which means you'd have to make 832.432 darts to achieve Level 99 right from Level 67. Prices vary in the market of course However, at present prices this method would cost you 54M OSRS GP. This might seem expensive for just 12 hours of education However, when you consider you're actually purchasing a Level 99 skill that way, a lot of players will consider this to be worthwhile.

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