Zodiac october 8

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Libras born on October 8 are level-headed and cannot be swayed by flattery. They possess the usual Libra charm, but they don't trade on it. October 8 men and women believe in paying attention to detail. They are personally ambitious, yet care more for relationships than any professional enterprise. An ability to balance both is a trademark.

Friends and Lovers
These people have a natural talent for making friends, especially through professional channels. They have a very serious approach to romance and often marry their first love. If they divorce, they may have trouble getting back into the dating game.

Children and Family
October 8 men and women need the security and love that comes from being part of a large family. They are often the emotional backbone of the family. As parents, they believe in setting high standards. They know that a little fair, consistent discipline can go a long way. They have a great tenderness for their children.

Since October 8 individuals have problems handling stress, they may experience periodic indigestion as well as poor sleep habits. October 8 individuals need to find holistic cures for sleep disorders.

Career and Finances
People born on this date thrive in careers related to the business aspects of artistic endeavors. They also enjoy working in big-ticket retail. They have creative ideas involving financial investments and have the savvy to become effective financial counselors.

Dreams and Goals
The people born on this date can achieve their goals without ego and have the patience to take each day as it comes. They understand that great goals hinge on details and that if these are left undone there is little chance that even the most ambitious goal can be realized.
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