October 26 sign zodiac

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October 26th is a date of high hopes when anything might be possible if positive beliefs are incorporated in one's system. People born on this date are deeply emotional and their sensitivity will help them form incredible relationships for life, but also burden them with a little more than they seem ready to handle if they take the pain of other people as their own.

October 26th Horoscope
Feelings in those born on the 26th of October are their greatest strength and their greatest weakness, as they tend to dismiss them for common sense, bury them deep, and burst with them when the time isn’t right. Their primal need is to move with the flow of their own heart, no matter how changeable and uncommon their mood swings might be. Once they set free to the waves of their waters, they become conductive of grand ideas and Divine love and get in touch with their real mission in life. Until then, confusion and their struggle to push words and feelings down their throat might mess with their relationships and their sense of satisfaction and joy in life.

Love And Emotions
With a rich inner emotional world of Scorpios born on October 26th, confusions in close relationships come as a given. They will easily idealize their partners an be a bit unrealistic in expectations from their first relationships, this often leading to disappointment. They are giving and easy to connect to, but need to keep in mind that no negative experience is meant to push them to close their heart. What they need in general is more understanding and forgiveness for those who have done them wrong, and forgiveness for themselves for allowing this or acting in ways that make them feel guilty.

With their emotions intertwining with those of others, the greatest challenge here is to set a clear emotional boundary, so it is clear and obvious what everyone carries as their authentic emotional need. Balance of giving and receiving needs to be found in each bond they create, and they will need some distance and solitude to sort things out and separate from influences that blur their image. Once they start allowing themselves to feel whatever it is they are feeling, they will cleanse and open themselves to summon the right person into their life.

When we speak of purpose in lives of those born on the 26th of October, it is found in the essence of Neptune. It won’t be possible to live the dream and move towards ideals they wish to reach in their lifetime for as long as they don’t cleanse of all toxic influences. They are to set free from habits that burden their physiology, as well as relationships that burden their emotional world with too much responsibility or take away their value in any way. They need to be recognized for their emotional nature by those they love and shouldn’t settle for less than full acceptance.

What They Excel In
A Scorpio born on October 26th makes wonders in contact with different people, therapy, healing, and all decorative and artistic efforts. They have a way of touching hearts of others, their audience and those who need their home decorated or their party planned. Still, they often need some time to find their true talent to pursue and shouldn’t pressure themselves into difficult and too strict working routines.

October 26th Birthday Gift
To choose a gift for a birthday of a Scorpio born on October 26th, keep their sensitivity in mind no matter their act. Buy something small and artistic, something made of glass, a vase for their home, a crystal ball, or a colorful mosaic. They love creative trinkets that are colorful and pretty, and it is easy to choose their present for as long as it is decorative and of high quality. Cheap trinkets won’t really do it, not because they prefer things that are expensive, but because their present needs some depth and actual value to it. If you are limited by the amount of money you can spend, make their colorful gift yourself.

Positive Traits For October 26th Born
Loving and deeply emotional, they are open for interaction and willing to set aside any ego troubles to make their relationships harmonic and beautiful. They are the ones to help when times get rough, and value important people in their life without compromise.

Negative Traits For October 26th Born
Feeling guilty or inadequate, they could become envious and jealous, unable to incorporate emotional experiences into their heart and shoving them aside until they become bitter, lonely, or overly critical of everyone else.
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