PMI-RMP Certification Preparation Course Overview

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The Project Management Institute (PMI) is aware of the significance of and unique requirements for project risk management professionals. The PMI-RMP certification will attest to the applicant's expertise in this field, and the PMI-RMP® study guide will assist in getting ready to take and pass the RMP® certification exam. Ideal for anyone involved in project or program risk management, including project managers.

RMP Certification Objective
After completing this course, participants will possess:

  • Thorough knowledge of the criteria for RMP® certification and the tested materials

  • A thorough examination of the many methods, fields of knowledge, equations, words, and specific procedures in the project risk management process

  • Recognize how to timely monitor and communicate project risk

  • Concentrate on monitoring and reducing risks

  • Recognize the communication tenets that underlie risk and issue management.

  • Be able to balance risk when managing stakeholder involvement

  • Greater risk management confidence and credibility come from being RMP certified.

Certification Outline
Overview of the RMP Application and Exam is covered in the introductory session.

  • Topic 1: - Risk Communication

  • Topic 2: - Risk Governance

  • Topic 3: - Risk Management Principles and Concepts

  • Topic 4: - Risk management planning

  • Topic 5: - Recognize Risks

  • Topic 6: - Quality Risk Analysis

  • Topic 7: - Perform quantitative risk analysis

  • Topic 8: - Plan risk responses

  • Topic 9: - Track and Manage Rise

Requirement for RMP Certification
This course has no particular prerequisites. However, it is advised to have prior experience working on projects that involve or permit exposure to risk management.

Who should get this Certification
Professionals that devote the majority of their time to managing the risk associated with a project

professionals that serve as project managers or important members of project or program teams

Those who desire to earn a credential in project management and who consider project and risk management to be an essential component of their professional background

RMP Certification FAQs
What are the pre-requisites for the exam?
PMI has the following pre-requisites for PMI-RMP:

  • Secondary education (high school diploma, associate's degree, or it's equivalent internationally)

  • 36 months of recent experience in project risk management

  • Education in project risk management for 40 hours


  • 4-year degree (bachelor's degree or its equivalent in another country)

  • Experience with project risk management for 24 months within the previous 5 years

  • Education in project risk management for 30 hours

What is the exam's retake policy?
If you fail your first attempt at passing the RMP examination, PMI's retake policy is:

  • A one-year eligibility period is given to candidates, during which time they must pass the test.

  • Candidates are permitted to take the exam up to three times throughout the eligibility period.

  • A candidate must wait a year from the date of their last exam before reapplying for certification if they fail the exam three times in a year.

  • For their second and third attempts to pass the exam, PMI members must pay re-examination fees of USD 335, while non-PMI members must pay USD 435.

What is the exam pattern of the PMI-RMP Certification exam?
The PMI-RMP (Risk Management Professional) Certification exam is formatted as a multiple-choice exam with some pre-test questions. There are a total of 170 multiple-choice questions. 20 of the 170 total questions on the pre-test are not scored.

What are the benefits for registered PMI members?
There are various benefits that you can get by registering as a PMI member. Below are some of these benefits:

  • You can save $150 on the examination fee by becoming a member of PMI. You must pay an additional US$150 for PMI non-members in addition to membership dues.

  • You can get access to project management books that are sold commercially by signing up for PMI membership.

  • You can obtain a free copy of the PMBOK® Guide - Fifth Edition, which is crucial study material for the PMI-RMP Certification Exam if you are a registered PMI member.

  • Practice Exams are also accessible without charge to registered PMI members.

What is the validity of the certification?
Every three years, you must obtain 30 PDUs in risk management-related areas to keep your PMI-RMP active.

What employment options are available to me if I pass this test?

  • Risk Analyst

  • Senior Project Manager

  • Risk Management Analyst

  • Risk Management Specialist

How do I renew my PMI-RMP Certification?
After passing the certification exam and paying the certification renewal costs, you must maintain 30 Professional Development Units (PDUs) every three years to keep your PMI-RMP Certification current.

What are the PMI-RMP Certification exam fees?
According to PMI membership, the exam cost for the PMI-RMP Certification is different for PMI members and non-members:

  • The PMI-RMP Certification exam costs US$ 520 for PMI members.

  • The PMI-RMP Certification exam costs US$ 670 for non-PMI members.

Can you recommend a study guide?
Yes, you can get the best RMP Online Training from the world-class RMP trainer offered by PassYourCert. Not just that, they also offer sample questions that will increase the chance of your passing the exam.

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