Why Pigeon Netting is the Best Option for Pigeon Control

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Posted by Kevin Stuart from the Environment category at 27 Jul 2022 07:59:56 am.
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Pigeon netting
Pigeons are, many times, a delight to watch. There are over a million pigeons in London alone. They add significant flair to megacities and are always a point of attraction for tourists. However, away from the endearing attraction that pigeons provoke, they can equally pose a severe threat to society.

Pigeons have peculiar characteristics. They move in groups, increasing the likelihood that they would exist in significant numbers within specific areas. Also, pigeons perceive places as roosts immediately after they get comfortable. Thus, they are more likely to hang around areas where they feel most comfortable consistently. These characteristics have resulted in severe issues for London homes and commercial buildings. This article will discuss pigeon control, the need for pigeon pest control, and why pigeon netting is a viable option.
Why London Needs Pigeon Control

London has a severe pigeon problem. Pigeons lurk virtually everywhere around the city, from parks to commercial buildings. Worse still, pigeons are known to roost on any flat surface, predisposing them to perch on rooftops of households and companies. However, while you can live with a bearable number of pigeons, a growing number of pigeons in your environment could pose numerous risks. These risks increase the need for pigeon control in London. The risks include:
  • Health Hazards: Pigeons are strongly tied to health hazards. Research has shown that pigeons can cause over 60 diseases. When their droppings dry, they crack and release fungus into the air. This release results in conditions like histoplasmosis, a fungal infection that severely affects the lungs and can lead to pneumonia. In addition, pigeons can be hosts to the West Nile virus, a disease that causes fatal symptoms like convulsions and paralysis. They can also carry mites that are harmful to household pets. These health hazards transform pigeons from harmless animals to pests that can indirectly threaten lives. This is why pigeon pest control is essential.
  • Property Damage: Pigeons tend to cause severe property damage. There are cases of pigeons destroying fabric and furniture within buildings. Their droppings can also lead to property discolouration. Pigeons have been found to inflict considerable damage on crops in farmlands. This result is mainly unsurprising as they are grain lovers. Thus, having a flock of pigeons in your farmland or backyard garden can cause physical and financial costs. In realization of these risks, many farmland owners prioritize pigeon pest control.
  • Unpleasant Smells: Apart from the health hazards of pigeons, pigeons can cause unpleasant smells that strongly linger in your environment. Their feathers can also litter building areas like rooftops and pavement. These droppings can significantly affect the ambiance of your home or workplace.
  • Fatal Accidents: Pigeons are generally a risk in aviation facilities. This risk is why aviation lines spend tons of money on pigeon pest control every year. Studies have shown that flocks of pigeons can be dangerous to planes. This danger stems from the tendency of pigeons to block plane windscreens or get caught in the engine. Situations like this could lead to the loss of lives. Aviation lines could also incur substantial financial costs.
While these risks exist, there are numerous ways to carry out pigeon pest control. One of the most effective ways of pigeon control is the installation of netting to keep birds away. This netting is called pigeon netting.
What is Pigeon Netting?

Pigeon netting is an anti-bird netting designed to function as a barrier against pigeons. It is used across households and industrial areas as a pigeon deterrent. It is also used as a pigeon control method to protect gardens from damage. Gauges of about 50mm are generally required for this form of netting. These gauges are best suited because the measurements are constrained enough to prevent pigeons from entering the property.
Types of Pigeon Netting
  • Extruded: The extruded netting is relatively cheaper. It is netting for pigeon control that involves the usage of a durable mesh. It is mainly used on farmlands to protect crops and vegetables from pigeons. Also, it is mainly installed vertically and made with either polyethylene or polypropylene.
  • Oriented: The form of netting is installed chiefly horizontally. It involves stretching the mesh to produce lightweight netting. It is generally a pigeon pest control method for buildings and industrial areas.
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Advantages of Pigeon Netting
  • Cost-Effectiveness: It is one of the most affordable methods of pigeon control. You can use an average installation for about seven years with minimal maintenance costs. This durability ensures that you can spread installation costs over numerous years. It also ensures that your pigeon pest control remains sustainable.
  • Prevention of Infestation: While pigeons may already pose significant risks, the risks can worsen. As long as pigeons exist in an environment, there are high chances that their numbers could increase. This increase could result in an infestation. Anti-bird netting prevents the occurrence of such infestations.
  • It Maintains Building Aesthetic: Unlike other pest control methods that significantly impact buildings' outlook, netting blends well with buildings. Thus, it maintains aesthetic quality alongside protecting buildings from pigeons.
  • Safety: It is one of the most humane pest control methods. It ensures that pigeons are repelled without causing any harm whatsoever to the pigeons.
How to Go About Pigeon Pest Control

It is hazardous to carry out pigeon control without professional help. The reason is that many things could go wrong without expert knowledge. For example, pigeon droppings could be evacuated unhealthily, you could damage the building significantly, and you might not install the netting appropriately. These acts could result in health hazards, and they could also reduce the effectiveness of the pigeon pest control method. Thus, it is advisable to engage pigeon removal services or a professional pigeon pest control agency.

Pests are mainly common. However, they can be highly disruptive. For instance, a pigeon problem significantly impacts health and quality of life. This health impact is why one must take preventive measures like pigeon netting to stop the situation from worsening. While self-help may seem cheaper, professional engagement is the safest. It ensures that the pigeon control is effectively executed while also guaranteeing the safety of the building and the pigeons.
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