CCIE Enterprise Infrastructure: How to Study for It?

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Posted by passyourcert from the Education category at 23 Jul 2022 11:19:11 am.
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One of the most prestigious networking corporate certifications is the

CCIE Enterprise Infrastructure

. It shows how informed someone is about the intricate workings of business networks. Additionally, it demonstrates your capacity to use business infrastructure to resolve issues.

The ability to select your enterprise infrastructure is explicitly ensured by obtaining this certification. This is primarily due to the strong demand for the certificate.

The CCIE enterprise infrastructure written exam plus the PassYourCert CCIE enterprise infrastructure lab test make up the exam for this particular certification.

You will learn how to study for your CCIE enterprise infrastructure exam in this article. The test may be difficult.

CCIE Enterprise Infrastructure prerequisites
The CCIE enterprise infrastructure has no predetermined requirements. However, it is anticipated that everyone taking the exam is knowledgeable about the subjects covered.

Additionally, it is advised that anyone taking the CCIE exam have 5 to 7 years of expertise in the areas of designing, deploying, and solving problems with business networking technologies.

The required test
The 350-401 ENCOR is the name of the prerequisite exam for this certification. The Specialist - Enterprise Core Certifications, CCNP Enterprise, etc. are all connected to this 120-minute test.

Your ability to implement essential network technologies, such as dual-stack IPV 4 and IPV 6, will be tested on this exam. In addition, it assesses your understanding of infrastructure, security & automation, architecture, network assurance, and virtualization.

You should use the course Cisco Enterprise Network Core Technologies to help you study for this exam. Let's now look at the subjects covered by this exam.

Exam subjects
Here is a list of the subjects covered on the test. However, your test may cover subjects outside these. These subjects will touch on things you have learned. Additionally, you should always review the rules because they are subject to modification at any time and without prior warning.

  • Architecture – it is 15% percent of your exam.

  • Virtualization – it is 10% of your exam.

  • Infrastructure – it is 30% of your exam.

  • Network assurance -it is 10% of your exam.

  • Security – it is 20% of your exam.

  • Automation – it is 15% of your exam.

You must now use the internet to your advantage as you study for this exam. You can get practise papers that will help you time yourself online. These sample exams will also assist you in understanding the format of the exam and the kinds of questions you might anticipate.

You will also need the appropriate study materials if you want to be prepared for the exam. You can use a variety of books to find the study material. You may also easily search them up online for your convenience. You can study for your exam with these books and sample tests.

The lab test
The lab exam is the second stage of earning a CCIE enterprise infrastructure certificate. The CCIE Enterprise Infrastructure v1.0 lab exam is another name for it. This 8-hour practical exam is mostly based on the lifespans of complicated corporate networks.

Candidates must be familiar with designing for complex enterprise networks and building, running, and optimizing dual-stack systems for IPv4 and IPv6.

Additionally, candidates should be able to automate and program the network during the test. Here is a list of subjects that will be covered in the lab exam.

Exam subjects
The topics that are most likely to be covered in your exam are those that are listed below. The same-principled subjects may, however, be addressed in your exam as well. In this exam, the breadth of your knowledge and skills will be assessed across the whole network lifespan.

  • The network's infrastructure makes up 30% of your exam.

  • The percentage of your test that is dedicated to software-defined infrastructure (SDI) is 25%.

  • Transportation-related technology and solutions make up 15% of your test.

  • Services and infrastructure security make up 15% of your test.

Programmability and infrastructure automation make up 15% of your test.

Make sure you have covered all the material listed above before taking your lab exam. You can utilize a variety of materials, including books, to help you study for this exam.

In addition, you can use the internet to locate some pertinent practical study materials. There are several websites, such as CISCO and others, where you can acquire reliable information to use as preparation.

There are several websites available; pick the one that best suits your needs from the list. Additionally, you should make sure the website you utilise is legitimate when selecting one. Therefore, it is preferable to select legitimate, official websites.

Few details on re-certification
The mentioned qualification is good for three years. Additionally, before the certificate expires, you should recertify it. By bypassing the same exam or finishing Cisco continuous education requirements, you can renew your certification.

If you select option 1, you are required to pass any expert-level exam. You can also pass a technological core test with a concentration exam or take any three professional concentration exams of your choosing.

The first choice requires you to take one of the CCNA exam examinations in order to renew your certification. Attending Cisco live training sessions is the only way to achieve this. You can also complete online courses or attend PassYourCert CCIE enterprise training led by attending instructors.

To summarise!
The globe accepts the expert-level certification known as CCIE Enterprise Infrastructure. One of the most respected qualifications in our industry is this one. It is a difficult certification despite being one that is outstanding.

As a result, you must properly get ready for it. You will have the best exam preparation possible if you employ the topics and strategies mentioned above!

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