PMI Scheduling Professional (PMI-SP Certification)

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As a candidate for the PMI Scheduling Professional (PMI-SP Certification), you know there is much more to project scheduling than just the use of tools and technology to build a schedule for your team. Schedules are a fundamental element of project management, yet, according to the 2015 Pulse of the Profession report, half of all projects — 50 percent — are not completed within the initially scheduled time frame. Projects and teams today are increasingly global and virtual and project schedules are key to managing activities, resources, dependencies, and ultimately, project outcomes. The PMI-SP® will recognize your knowledge and skill to drive the improved management of project schedules.
During this course you will learn how to:
  • effectively preparing for the PMI-SP® exam, which is required to get the worldwide certificate,
  • Make and keep track of a project schedule,
  • the project timeline for analysis,
  • Describe and explain the schedule to the project team.
Key features
Price of the course includes:
  • A two-day PMI Scheduling Professional (PMI-SP®) training course is being delivered. conducted by a skilled instructor who has attained PMI Scheduling Professional (PMI-SP®) certification from the Project Management Institute (PMI).
  • a modern platform for online training.
  • Certificate of completion for the course.
  • 16 contact hours are met.
PMI Scheduling Professional (PMI-SP) Certification Training
When combined with your past PMP training, Project Management Academy’s 8-hour PMI-SP certification training course equips you to pass the exam on your first try. The five project scheduling domains are covered in-depth in our course, along with links from those areas to fundamental PMP principles. The information and abilities required to successfully plan, manage, and maintain project schedules will be acquired by students who complete the PMI-SP certification training.
What Will You Learn from Training?
You will understand the principles of the Scheduling Domains in this course, including:
  • Make use of all available resources to manage projects more efficiently
  • Learn how to create and maintain a schedule both with and without the use of the software.
  • Utilize a variety of scheduling approaches, tools, and methodologies, as well as information from several schedule model file types.
  • Organize and organize project communications productively.
How You Will Benefit
  • Obtain the knowledge needed to pass the PMI-SP Certification exam
  • Gain an understanding of how various environmental and organizational influences affect project management
  • Utilize appropriate tools to develop and manage your project team in a constructive and motivational way
  • Improve your skills and abilities to drive higher-quality management of project schedules
  • Contact hours (PDUs) received from completing this course can be used to maintain an active PMP certification
How It Will Help You
  • Educate yourself so you can pass the PMI-SP Certification exam.
  • Learn about the numerous organizational and environmental factors that have an impact on project management
  • Use the right tools to motivate and develop your project team constructively.
  • Develop your capabilities to promote better project schedule management.
  • You can use the contact hours (PDUs) you earn from finishing this course to keep your PMP certification active.
Who Should Attend Training for PMI-SP Certification?
People who have substantial scheduling expertise, an active PMP certification, and who want to earn their PMI-SP certification should take this course. All educational criteria are met by this course and earlier PMP education hours. 2 The training can be done by anybody who wants to learn more about managing uncertainty in projects, even though it is designed to help professionals take and pass their PMI-SP certification test.

100% Pass Guarantee

For the PMI-SP certification course, we offer a genuine 100% pass assurance with our Sure Shot Sample Question.
We will reimburse your entire tuition if, after three attempts, you are unable to pass the exam. Simple is our pledge:
You must finish the entire course as well as one timed, full-length exam with 170 questions from our online training platform.
We will reimburse the whole course tuition if you fail the PMI-SP exam three times and all three attempts were made within 120 days of the course’s completion date.

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