How did I Pass CCIE Enterprise Infrastructure?

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Posted by passyourcert from the Education category at 22 Jul 2022 06:24:51 am.
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The most prestigious Enterprise networking qualification is the Cisco
CCIE Enterprise Infrastructure
. It confirms one's comprehension of intricate corporate networks and exhibits one's aptitude for resolving issues with business infrastructure.

If you hold this qualification, it suggests that you are fully knowledgeable in the field and have the freedom to work for any company you choose. But what are the first advantages of possessing such a priceless badge?

Having CCIE certification has some benefits.
The highest level of certification offered by Cisco is the CCIE, and individuals who earn one obtain skills that will help them in their networking professions. It is one of the hardest qualifications to achieve due to its demanding standards and criteria. The multiple benefits this badge offers demonstrate how much work it requires. Here are a few examples:

  • The holders of the CCIE Enterprise Infrastructure certification are regarded as industry pioneers in business networking.

  • The IT sector has a demand for more qualified workers, so individuals who have obtained certificates should anticipate a variety of job options.

  • Training in CCIE Enterprise and theoretical knowledge, available at sites like

A person is recognized as one of the most knowledgeable specialists in networking under this credential.

  • The high-level rank of this emblem corresponds to a high salary in the sizable networking business and IT sector.

What is the procedure for obtaining CCIE Enterprise Infrastructure certification?
The qualifying examination and the practical lab exam get required to become a CCIE Enterprise Infrastructure certified expert.


The candidate's understanding of basic Python components, ability to construct a legitimate JSON encoded file, ability to explain the high-level ideas and benefits of a data modeling language, and understanding of APIs are all assessed in this section.


It tests the applicant's knowledge of, for instance, how to verify and set the device's security features and the security of REST APIs.

Network security is guaranteed.

To troubleshoot network issues entails using debugs, traceroute, ping, and other tools. Other subtopics include flexible NetFlow setup and verification, Syslog-based device monitoring, and others.

What about the lab examination?
The Cisco CCIE Enterprise Infrastructure version 1.0 Lab Exam is the certification's second level. Your understanding of enterprise networks, including design, implementation, optimization, and operation, is evaluated throughout this 8-hour hands-on exam. Similar to the Cisco 350-401 exam, it covers a wide range of topics like software-defined infrastructure, infrastructure automation and programmability, network infrastructure, infrastructure security and services, and transportation technologies and solutions. Those who pass this exam are given the CCIE Enterprise Infrastructure credential, which has a special CCIE number.

Certification in two stages
Let's examine these two phases in more detail to see how you can obtain the expert-level certificate.

Exam (written)
The CCIE Enterprise Infrastructure, CCNP Enterprise, CCIE Enterprise Wireless, and Cisco Certified Specialist - Enterprise Core certifications can be earned by passing the 120-minute Cisco 350-401 exam. Your knowledge and skills in the application of key business network technologies, such as automation, security, dual-stack architecture, virtualization, infrastructure, and network assurance, will be evaluated by this test. Cisco advises applicants to increase their exam topic knowledge by enrolling in an instructor-led training course.

  • The 350-401 ENCOR test covers the following subjects:

  • Architecture receives a budget allocation of 15%;

  • About 30% of the budget is allocated on infrastructure;

  • twenty percent security

  • 10 percent assurance for the network;

  • Virtualization at a 10% rate; 10% virtualization; 10% virtualization;

  • Automation accounts for 15% of the work.

  • There are two language options for the Cisco 350-401 exam: English and Japanese. It must be registered for on the Pearson VUE website.

Exam in the Laboratory
The second step in earning the Cisco CCIE Enterprise Infrastructure certificate is the practical test. This 8-hour exam focuses on complicated business networks and their lifecycle from beginning to end. Candidates must create dual-stack (IPv4 and IPv6) solutions for these networks and run, optimise, and put them into use. They must also programme and automate the network during the test. The test's subject matter covers the following topics:

  • 30% of the network's infrastructure;

  • SDI, or software-defined infrastructure, makes up 25% of the total.

  • 15% for transportation technologies and solutions;

  • Services and Infrastructure Security: 15%

15% infrastructure programmability and automation

Make sure you comprehend each and every one of them before taking the exam. Exam candidates can prepare for the test using a variety of tools. You can also search the internet for additional useful study materials. There are several of them available for you to choose from, so pick the one you like most. Visits to websites that engage in fraud should be avoided, nevertheless.

About Recertification
You must recertify before the three-year validity period of this expert-level certificate ends. Bypassing the necessary exams, participating in Cisco Continuing Education events, or combining the two are all options for recertifying.

To renew your certification using the first option, you must pass any expert-level exam or one of the CCNA Exams. Additionally, you have the option of passing one technological core exam together with any three professional concentration exams. By taking online courses, participating in instructor-led PassYourCert CCIE Enterprise training, or visiting Cisco Live training events, you can earn the 120 Cisco Continuing Education credits you need to recertify.

To combine both selections, pick one of the following options:

  • Obtain 40 credits for continuing education and pass the technical core examination.

  • Obtain 40 credits for continuing education and pass two exams for your choice of professional specialty.

Earn 80 CE credits by passing any professional specialisation exam.

If you don't properly prepare, earning the expert-level Cisco CCIE Enterprise Infrastructure certification may be challenging. People can apply for a range of senior networking positions with this degree. Spend all of your time and energy studying so that you can get the credential you deserve.

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