Lost Ark has four unique Drops accessible to open as groups progress

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The secret entrance to the fourth Mokoko Seed is on the west-facing section in the middle of the island. It doesn't appear like a road since it's covered by trees. However, as before, just stroll through them, specifically those with orange and red leaves. However, this time, there's no route to follow; you'll be transported to a secret cave instead.

Mokoko Seed Four

The cave is quite dark, but the Mokoko Seed sits right in the middle of it, which makes it pretty easy to see.Just just a few steps forward is likely to cause the game to present you with the option to pick it up even if you do not notice it immediately.

Lost Ark: Rapport Guide

Rapport is one of the currencies that are found in Lost Ark. Some may initially overlook the significance of it since it's more story than combat based in its focus on relationships rather than armour or weapons. But as with most things in Lost Ark, they're actually directly interconnected.

A growing relationship building with NPCs can open new quests that are otherwise not available as well as providing access to special items. There are more than 70 NPCs scattered across the continents and many of them offer valuable collectables or gold. Some of the most reputable can give everything from Giant's Heart to unique Adventurer's Tome requirements.

Which NPCs Accept Rapport Gifts?

As Rapport grows, more NPCs are available as you progress through the game. You'll recognise them on-screen by the two hearts floating intermittently above their heads, making them easy to identify. They're also evident on your map. If you want a larger picture you can go to your Rapport display (by clicking 'Adventure' at the bottom of your screen, followed by "Rapport"). The screen will display the location and more details that we'll cover in the next section.

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