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Lost Ark: How to locate Magmadon and all other area bosses

Within Lost Ark, there are a variety of different endgame tasks that can reward you with different items. For example, by visiting the ghost ship, you'll be rewarded with rare materials to upgrade your equipment. A lot of this material can be completed daily and therefore should be completed every day for maximal efficiency. We have summarized the contents of this into an additional article.

Where is Magmadon where is it located?

The same components as the ghost ship, and other exciting items, such as island tokens or engravings, also drop from the various area bosses. They are available on specific days, and they appear at the hour. For instance, the area of the that is ruled by the boss Magmadon has been located in the continent of Rohendel. You can enter this once you've reached the item amount of 460. In particular, Magmadon can be found in the bottom corner in the Xeneela Ruins, and requires an level of 540. It is possible to attack the boss in advance and collect the loot, however, you need to be fortunate that the attacks you make actually get. If you've done not any harm throughout the battle, you'll not receive any loot.

Find all area bosses in Lost Ark

Magmadon doesn't have to be the sole boss to be found in Lost Ark, of course with the help of Procyon's compass, you can quickly find out the location of them and when they'll appear. All you have to do is access the menu of compass in your minimap and choose the area boss you want to fight. Here you will find the list of rewards you will receive when you defeat the boss and pressing the small compass will also open the map that shows where the boss is located.

It is also possible to use this menu to set the time you would like to receive an email notification before the boss appears.
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