It's true that there's nothing thrilling about any dungeon

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I'd prefer to see fewer of these arena battles , and more true dungeon crawls, particularly considering that these single-room battles are nearly identical to the other type of dungeons for solo players - Transcendent Dungeons. These are Elyon's version of an endless dungeon or tower game, except that they're not endless. In a tower.

Each of these dungeons are basically a collection of corridors and small rooms. The passage contains a few garbage mobs. The room may contain a second group of mobs or a boss fight. Each link in the chain has a limit on time and failing to eliminate this boss by the time the clock runs out is the end of the run.

The game has four Transcendent Dungeons to take on, with the having completed the previous one needed to get into the next. The gimmick here is that each transcendent one has its own unique environmental effect, and you'll need a corresponding Tolerance Runestone to lessen the effect. This is a bizarre method in that it's impossible to be a risk and enter the dungeon without a runestone. It simply serves as a key to entry.

It's true that there's nothing thrilling about any dungeon. The level and scores are exactly as they should be for the difficulty of challenges, so once you've identified the boss's mechanics, you have a good chance of failing. In order to increase the playability of each dungeon, every dungeon has different difficulty levels. The higher difficulty levels do not introduce any new gameplay mechanics therefore better gear will eliminate any additional challenge.

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