Built In Wardrobes - an Idea for Small Spaces

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Posted by SarahAddyson from the Home and Garden category at 20 Jul 2022 07:09:10 am.
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Recessing a piece of furniture in the wall, because that's what it's about, seems the most appropriate method when you live in an apartment or a house with a small area, but not only. The advantages of built in wardrobes are not only in terms of space. In terms of aesthetics, it is gaining in front of the massive furniture that loads and suffocates a room. In addition, because you can make wardrobes by order, you are not limited by the standard dimensions of the furniture bought directly from the store, so you can capitalize on any space in the house, regardless of its place and size.
Make Space for Your Wardrobes
Wardrobes are suitable in any type of room, but most often, you will find them in the dressing room. In addition, if you want a built-in bookcase, you can place it behind the sofa in the living room because, most of the time, this wall remains free. This type of furniture fits perfectly with interiors with minimalist, contemporary design but can be found even in classic interiors. To add a little elegance to the space, you can opt for a color similar to the walls or an intense color to highlight the furniture.
Built In Wardrobes - an Alternative for Small and Confined Spaces
Built in wardrobes will take up much less space than classic furniture. Although this kind of furniture is not flexible and cannot be moved, it has many advantages. Imagine how much space you will save this way, with no centimeter footprint on the floor. Even from an aesthetic point of view, it is more advantageous, especially if you opt for some spots illuminating the shelves. In arranging small bedrooms, you can use mirrors and plating furniture with mirrors to visually enlarge the space, a trick that gives results every time.
Arranging the Bedroom According to Size and Shape
An important factor in arranging a bedroom, regardless of the style you opt for, is the surface you have. You do not want to crowd the space too much, especially the room where you sleep, but it must remain a functional and aesthetically pleasing space. The large bedrooms with generous surfaces create the perfect background for modern, airy wardrobes. In such a room, choosing the largest pieces of furniture may seem tempting, but you must consider the general proportion of space and correlate the pieces of furniture with the free areas. Capitalizing on space is precious, especially when it comes to small rooms.

Things in the house seem to multiply, and then you are always looking for other storage spaces. But where should they be placed when the rooms in the apartment no longer allow you to move through the crowded furniture? In this sense, specialists in interior design have found a solution that saves you from congestion and lack of space and offers a pleasant visual impact. Built in wardrobes can be left free or closed with doors, depending on the purpose for which you will use them. So, for example, you can opt for doors to "hide" your things.

The bathroom is also a room that, in most cases, does not allow the placement of other pieces of furniture due to lack of space. Even a few items of care and hygiene are difficult to store. Here's how you can organize them. The space under the stairs is always a place whose arrangement has a variety of possibilities. You can use it in a useful and aesthetic way, with a sofa and a bookcase built into the wall of the staircase, thus capitalizing on a space that would have been difficult to use with wardrobes, for example.

built in wardrobesAnother Interesting Way to Use Built in Wardrobes
These are by far a very good storage solution. Choosing a piece of furniture built into the wall can bring an additional inconvenience after breaking the wall, or a longer waiting time, given that it is made by order, but its advantages make an effort possible. Between the bedrooms of flats and those in a house, there are several differences and advantages and disadvantages. Still, the guidelines of the modern style of built in wardrobes can be successfully applied in a modern home, regardless of its location and size.

In general, a block of flats respects a standard of orientation and surface so that most of the bedrooms (especially the married, main ones) have a square, predetermined shape. The dimensions are small, in general, and if there is no room arranged as wardrobes, the space available in a bedroom is further reduced. When it comes to arranging bedrooms, you have to make compromises in terms of furniture, but do not give up comfort when it comes to the bed because it ensures a restful sleep. Choose a bed with storage spaces included, such as those with crates or drawers on the sides.
Choose the Model that Suits You
Built in wardrobes come in different sizes, specially designed to store clothing! It is a very good idea for those who have the necessary space at their disposal and want to have all the clothes and shoes in one place. Arrange in style by creating an accented wall. Choose a bolder color, depending on the shade palette you choose. Choose a darker color, an oversized painting, or a series of smaller elements and paintings arranged in a straight line or asymmetrical shapes for a special visual effect.

Wardrobes do not have to be of a certain size. All you have to do to get a result the way you want is to buy the right furniture and use any available space! Thus, high-to-ceiling with plenty of storage space is ideal here. Also, using hanger stands, bag racks, and wall-mounted hangers for shoes or other accessories can help you solve the problem of small space. Also, here you can even put a few decorative elements, such as paintings or pictures or even vases with flowers, which will give a welcoming and pleasant air to the room.
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